FANUC R-30ib Controller

FANUC R-30iB Controller Overview

The FANUC R30ib controller is an advanced robot controller offered by FANUC. The FANUC R-30iB controller is available A-cabinet, B-cabinet, Open Air cabinet, Paint Mate cabinet and Mate cabinet styles. The R/30ib controller takes up less space and uses less energy that its predecessors, the FANUC R-30ia, FANUC R-J3IC, and FANUC R-J3IB controllers. The R30ib controller features the new FANUC IPendant which offers 4D graphics. Larger robots such as the FANUC M710ic 50 use the B-cabinet style due to larger servo amplifier that the robot requires. Smaller robots like the FANUC M20ia can use either the A or B cabinet style. The LR Mate 200id is an example of a robot that utilizes the Mate style cabinet. The R30ib controller allows for the addition of 2D and 3D robotic vision systems for enhanced capabilities. The enhanced vibration controller allows the robot to accelerate and decelerate faster, reducing cycle times. The R30iB controller also allows for smoother motion which can decrease cycle times up to 15% The R 30ib controller can also control up to 72 FANUC motor based axes at one time. The controller also offers built in Ethernet, dual check safety, collision detection, and servo monitoring. Additional options include Devicenet and CClink. Used FANUC R30ib robots are generally still tough to come by, but can be acquired from time to time.
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