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ABB robots are some of the most popular industrial robots in the world. ABB robotics produces a large variety of articulated robots spanning hundreds of industrial applications. Robots Done Right keeps a large inventory of used ABB robots at competitive pricing.

Applications for ABB Robots

ABB produces robots in all shapes and sizes in order to tackle endless applications. Most common are the larger ABB robots like the ABB 6640 used for spot welding in automotive plants and smaller welding robots used to automate welding applications. ABB Robotics produces models capable of automating dispensing operations as well as material removal robots. The ABB 4600 can be outfitted with a spindle to perform robotic deburring applications.

Types of ABB Robots

ABB produces various type of robots of robots with a focus on articulated robots. ABB six axis robots range in payload from 3 KG IRB 120 to the massive 1000 KG IRB 8700. ABB offers small payload SCARA robots used in automated pick and place applications as well as parallel or delta robots for sorting applications. Advanced collaborative robots are available as are robots used for automated painting applications. Small work envelope robots are for sale as well as massive long reach robots capable to reaching over 12 feet. Most models have options available for robotic foundry and cleanroom applications.

ABB Robot prices

Similar to other robots brands, secondhand ABB robots range in price from $5,000 for a older model to $150,000 for larger late model units. Robots with payloads between 150 and 340 KG average around $15,000 for IRC5 controlled models. These units tend to be more common in the used market as a result of their heavy usage in automative production. Most used ABB robots can be purchased for under $25,000, including newer models. ABB robots with integrated welding supplies tend to fetch higher prices as they are application ready.

Purchasing an ABB Robot

Purchasing a used ABB robot from Robots Done Right is a cost effective way to automating with industrial robots. We consistently have dozens of ABB robots for sale with a wide variety of payloads, sizes, and styles. Complete welding cells capable of robotic laser welding and automated MIG welding as typically in stock. Robots with tracks and hard to find to find models cycle in and out of our inventory. While most ABB robots for sale are IRC5 controlled, we do have some older models with the S4C+ controller.

Secondhand ABB industrial robots can quickly and cost effectively automate most robotic applications. Looking for a specific ABB robot price? Contact Matt at 440-724-6568 or by email at for pricing or to sell a used robot.

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