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FANUC robots are one of the most commonly used brand of robots in the world. With payloads that handle up to 2300 KG and reaches in excess of 3.5 meters, there is a model that is ideal for most robotic applications. Purchasing a used FANUC robot can be done for significantly less than the price of a new robot. Robots Done Right consistently stocks industrial robots at an affordable price. A good amount of secondhand robots have low hours giving them a long usable life.

Applications for FANUC Robots

FANUC Robotics produces industrial robots that can be used in welding automation and robotic assembly applications. FANUC also produces some of the best robotic palletizers in the world. FANUC welding robots such as the Arcmate 120ic are available with or without welding supplies including the Lincoln Powerwave i400 and 455M. Automated pick and place applications can be performed by integrating a robot gripper to a FANUC M20ia. R2000ib models capable of automating material handling applications are typically always in stock. With so many different types of robots available, there is a robot for every type of robotic application.

Types of FANUC Robots

FANUC produces various types of robots to accomodate many different types of automation. Most common is their line of articulated robots. Articulated robots can be used in hundreds of applications by manufactures in the automative, medical, electronic and welding sectors. Delta robots can handle high speed pick and place applications whereas their SCARA robot line can handle different types of assembly or sorting applications. They also produce little robots like that LR Mate 200id with a 7 KG payload and massive robots like the M-2000ia/2300 capable of payloads up to 2300KG. Thier robots that can be mounted to a floor, pedestal, inverted, rack, track, or gantry system. There are also six axis robots with a work envelope of over 10 ft and small table top robots that can put together electronics.

FANUC Robot Prices

Prices depend greatly upon the age and size of the robot, as well as their commonality in the marketplace. Secondhand robot pricing generally ranges from $5,000 all the way to $200,000 for the heavy payload robots like the M2000ia. Large automotive companies typically use larger robots such as the R2000ib/210F in their production lines, making these robots much more common on the resale market and therefore reducing the pricing on them. Most robots can be purchased on the used market for under $35,000, which the average pricing for a later model unit around $17,500. Surprisingly smaller robots tend to the be the same if not more than their larger counterparts, simply as a result of supply.

Purchasing a FANUC robot

Buying a Robot at Robots Done Right is easy and straightforward. With so many different robot models in stock, we likely have the correct robot for your application. Robots Done Right buys factory robots in bulk quantities allowing us to keep the prices for FANUC robot models low. FANUC welding cells are typcally in stock as is large track robots. Robots Done right stocks models that use the R-J3Ib, R-30ia, R-30ib, and R-30ib plus controllers. Cleanroom robots and well as foundry grade robots are available from time to time as well.

Secondhand industrial robots can quickly and cost effectively automate most robotic applications. Robots Done Right is the place to start when looking for used FANUC robots for sale. Looking for a price on a FANUC robot? Contact Matt at 440-724-6568 or by email at for pricing or to sell a used robot.

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