FANUC M Series

The FANUC M-Series is one of FANUC’s most extensive robot lines. This series features a wide variety of industrial robots ranging from delta types to articulated types with four to six axes. Within the M series are payload options for extremely light applications to ones for heavy lifting applications, along with various reaches for small to large work envelopes. The FANUC robots are multi-purpose industrial automation machines. They can automate numerous production related tasks, but are especially popular for automated material handling, robotic palletizing, and robotic assembly applications.

Within the FANUC M-Series are several subsets of robot families. The FANUC Spider series, M-10 series, and M-6 series are all light payload robot lines in the M-Series. FANUC’s Spider series is comprised of delta style robots for extremely light and fast applications. The FANUC M-2ia makes an ideal assembly line robot with its nimble parallel link arms. The M-10 series features some of FANUC’s most popular robots including the FANUC M10ia. The M-10 articulated robots are considered the fastest in their class for small parts handling. The M-10 robots are best for operating within confined spaces since they feature a slim hollow wrist, which also allows for agile movements. While the M-6 robot family features the FANUC M6ib which has been automating light material handling processes for years. The reliability of the M-6 robots has kept them as a favorite for manufacturing automation, even though they can only now be purchased on the second-hand market.

The M-20 and M-710 robot families are designed for medium payload capacities within the FANUC M-Series. The M-20 line is made up of several variations including extended reach models and a track mounted option, which is why they are common for industrial automation. The FANUC M20ia is considered the main robot of the M-20 series with many variations being derived from it. The FANUC M-710ic robots feature payload capacities that range from 12 kg up to 70 kg. Within this robot subset are a variety of 6-axis robots with a large work envelope despite their small footprint. The M-710 robots make the most of their work area with the capability to reach overhead and behind. The M-710ic/20L and the M710ic/50 are two of the most common models from FANUC’s M-710 robot family. The FANUC M710ic/20L is particularly useful in long reach robotic arc welding.

For those needing a heavy payload robot, the FANUC M-Series has those too with the M-410, M-900, and M-2000 robot lines. The FANUC M-410 robots are ideal for automating palletizing and de-palletizing processes. This series mostly features four axis robots, providing the stability and strength needed for lifting heavy pallets. The M-900 robots feature payload capacities ranging from 150 kg to 700 kg. The FANUC M900ia/600 is best for lifting heavy parts. The M-900 robots also feature a long reach of up to 3704 mm, allowing for an expanded work envelope. If the payload capacities of the M-410 and M-900 robots are not heavy enough, then there are the robots from the M-2000 line. FANUC’s M-2000 robots are some of the strongest in the world with payloads ranging from 900 kg up to an incredible 2300 kg. The M-2000 robots allow for the safe and efficient handling of extremely heavy parts. Most of the M-Series usedFANUC robots for sale include the EOAT

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