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FANUC Robots For Sale

Robots Done Right has a wide variety of FANUC robots for sale. FANUC is the world leader in robotic automation with over 500,000 robots currently active across numerous industries including the automotive, aerospace, and food industries. FANUC is best known for producing strong six-axis robots, but also builds delta robots, collaborative robots, robotic gantry system, four-axis robots, and five-axis robot types.

FANUC produces robots for just about any manufacturing application. Arc welding, spot welding, robotic assembly, automated material handling, material removal, palletizing, packaging, foundry, and part transfer are just some of the many applications that can be automated by a FANUC robot. Their robots are reliable, accurate, and precise. Manufacturing operations can be completely optimized with FANUC robots as productivity will increase, product quality will improve, cycle times will decrease, and operational costs will be reduced.

Robots Done Right specializes in the sale of pre-owned FANUC robots at affordable prices. FANUC robots for sale at Robots Done Right are available in several axis configurations ranging between 3 and 6 axes as well as a variety of payload capacities from as little as 1 kg to over 500 kg, making it possible for buyers to find an option that will be best suited for their robotic automation needs. Even if we do not have the specific FANUC model in stock you are looking for, we can still help you track it down through our robot brokerage program. Robots Done Right has robots available for sale from FANUC’s top robot lines including:

Purchasing a used FANUC robot allows buyers to get the most value from their budget. FANUC robots are some of the most reliable with many able to operate for several years to several decades. Since the cost of a used robot is up to 50% of new, buyers are able to purchase a high-quality robot at a fraction of the price that it would cost to buy a new FANUC robot.

Robots Done Right Sells used FANUC robots at competitive prices and ensures they are fully operational. With a large selection of FANUC robots for sale we can help you find the best option for your manufacturing needs.

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