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Selling A Used FANUC Robot

FANUC robots are one of the most commonly used brands of robots used in production in the United States. FANUC Robotics has over 300,000 units in production all over the world. FANUC Robots are capable of hundreds of application including Robotic Arc Welding, Robotic Material Handling, and Robotic Spot Welding. FANUC Robots help produce automobiles and automotive components, perform palletizing applications, and tend to CNC Machines. This amount of volume in the marketplace raises the demand for used FANUC robots and FANUC robot parts. Robots Done Right will make selling a used robot easy. Please review these tips for selling a used robot before completing the sale. Robots Done Right purchases FANUC robots in any quantity and condition in order to meet the demand of the used robotic marketplace. RDR also purchases components related to FANUC robots including:

  • Lincoln Welders - In most cases a FANUC Welding Robot will be integrated with a Lincoln Powerwave 455M or Lincoln Powerwave i400 robotic welder. These welders add value to the robot allowing it to perform various applications including MIG welding and TIG Welding. Robots Done Right wants to purchase these welders with the robots increasing the purchase price of a sale.
  • Plasma Welders - FANUC Arcmates such as the FANUC Arcmate 100ic/12 can also be integrated with a plasma welder to perform Plasma Cutting and Plasma Welding. While not as commonly used as MIG and TIG applications, some processes require the use of a plasma power source in order to perform the operation correctly. Robots Done Right wants to buy your used robotic plasma welding equipment.
  • Laser Welders - FANUC Arc mate robots like the FANUC Arc mate 120ic/10L can be used to automate Plasma Welding applications. Laser welders are very application specific and also add additional value to the robot.
  • Welding Tables - In most cases some type of welding table is required to perform a robotic welding application. Robots Done Right purchases welding tables in conjunction with welding robots in order to provide Welding Packages to its customers.
  • Servo-Driven Positioners - Arc or Spot Welding applications are optimized with the implementation of a servo driven positioner. Servo controller positioners allow the robot to interact and rotate the welding table or positioner increasing efficiency and decreasing cycle time. Many applications utilize servo driven positioners in order to reduce the amount of human interaction, ultimately increasing safety. Spot welding applications can utilize a FANUC R-2000ib 210F along with dual welding positioners in order create continuous operation of the weld application without any downtime.

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Robots discussed in this article: FANUC R2000ib 210F, FANUC Arcmate 100ic/12, FANUC Arcmate 120ic/10L,