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Selling A Used Robot

Selling a used robot can be simple and easy if it is done right. Used robots that are no longer used in production for one reason or another can recapture essential capital that is tied up in the equipment. Robots that are not in use lose their value by the day as the machinery ages and newer technology becomes available. Robots Done Right purchases used robots and used robotic equipment in any quantities. Please see Tips for selling a used robot for details on how to prepare a used robot for sale. The following are potential benefits to selling a used robot to Robots Done Right:

  • Capital Recapture - It is vital for most companies to make the most out of their capital investments. Robotic equipment that has become surplus to operations can be converted into an asset that can expand production. Robots Done Right can convert used robots into capital within 24 hours or provide trade options that can better suit the ongoing production needs. Many mainstream robotic brands such as ABB Robots and KUKA Robotics tend to retain at least some value in the used marketplace.
  • Free Up Floor Space - In most manufacturing cases, production floor space is at a premium. Floor space that is not optimized to meet the ongoing production needs is not realizing its full value. Unused robots or robotic cells can easily be removed and the floor space repurposed. Work cells containing larger robots such as a FANUC M-710ic/50 require large amounts of valuable floor space that might be better suited for a different application.
  • Decommissioning Assistance - Many companies are not set up to decommission a robotic cell or robot. Robots Done Right has the resources available to come into the factory in order to remove the equipment is a safe and professional manner. Robot sellers do not have to spend time and resources coordinating the removal of an asset. Removing a FANUC R-2000ib 165F in the correct fashion requires proper handling and expertise. Robots Done Right can help remove large robots such as this in a way that maintains their value.
  • Upgrading A Robot - Older used robots sometimes lack the necessary technology to perform the desired application in an optimal fashion. Newer robots can be integrated with vision systems and have improved safety features to match today's standard. Robots Done Right purchases older robots for the parts they yield allowing the seller to utilize those funds for new assets. Older welding robots such as the FANUC Arcmate 120ib still function as designed but lack the technological upgrades available on a newer model such as a FANUC Arcmate 120ic. Robots Done Right will purchase the used FANUC Arc Mate 120ib allowing the seller to use those funds for purchase of a new more efficient FANUC welding robot
  • Changing Robotic Manufacturers - Companies offer change robot brands overall while leaving some existing processes in place. A company might change out 90% of their Yaskawa Motoman robots for FANUC robots leaving a few Motoman robots in place. Robots Done Right can assist in converting a Yaskawa Motoman MH6 into a FANUC M-10ia. Robots Done Right deals in all robotic brands allowing for the conversion of those remaining Motoman robots into used FANUC robots when the respective robot is ready for removal.

Contact Robots Done Right in order to discuss the selling a used robot today to see how that asset can be converted into cash.

Robots discussed in this article: FANUC M10ia R30ia, FANUC M710ic 50 R30ia, FANUC R2000ib 165F, FANUC Arcmate 120ib RJ3IB, FANUC Arcmate 120ic R30ia, Motoman MH6 DX100