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Used industrial robots are a great way for companies to automate their applications without the large upfront cost of a new robot. When choosing between a new or used robot, the used robots will generally have a better return on investment over the new models. Many integrators will use used robots in their projects in order to minimize the cost to their customer while not necessarily changing the product they are providing. Many used robot models have the same or similar features as new robots. The cost of a used robot can vary greatly between brand, controller model, and size of the robot. In addition, many second hand robots were limited in use and have a long useful life remaining on them.

Uses of industrial robots

From welding automation to robotic assembly, industrial robotics can be in all kinds of different applications. Industrial robots can be deployed as a robotic palletizer to palletize bags of mulch or stone. An industrial robot can be integrated with a robotic vision system to perform inspection applications. One of the huge benefits of automation with robots is that almost all six axis robots can be retooled and reprogrammed to complete other robotic applications when one is complete. The FANUC M20ia can serve as both a robotic welder and a material handling robot. FANUC R2000ib/210F can perform a spot weld and robotic dispensing.

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