Yaskawa Motoman ES Series

The Yaskawa Motoman ES series are heavy payload industrial robots specifically designed for robotic spot welding applications. ES Series robots handle heavy payloads and tough work environments.

Yaskawa Motoman Spot Welding Robots

While Motoman may be most well known for their arc welding robots, they also produce industrial robots for spot welding applications. Yaskawa’s spot welding robots are used in a number of industries such as the automotive industry where they are used to automate car frame welding.

Their spot welding robots increase welding accuracy, reducing part failures and rejects due to poor quality. Yaskawa spot welding robots are reliable and durable, making them capable of taking on tough conditions and the repetitive nature of spot welding.

One of Yaskawa’s most successful spot welding robot lines is their ES “Expert Spot” robot series. The line includes the Motoman ES165D and the ES165N. These robots can handle payloads ranging from 165 kg to 200 kg, making them capable of handling the heavy end of arm tooling and workpieces involved with robotic spot welding tasks. ES series robots are popular amongst automotive manufacturers due to their anti-collision capabilities, allowing for several to operate within close proximity to one another without incident.

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