Product Information

Robots Done Right offers robots is several different states of repair in order to meet the need of its customers. The following is a description of each:

Refurbished Robots

Refurbished robots have undergone the following procedures:

Powered up and cleared of any errors.
Repair or replace any damaged parts
Replace batteries in the controller.
Inspection of gears and drives.
Inspection of all wiring.
Grease to be flushed out and replaced.
Controller to be cleaned and repainted where applicable.
Teach pendant to be tested and repaired if necessary.
Manipulator arm to be ice blasted and repainted.
Repeatability tested and confirmed as accurate.
Final test to confirm robot meets original manufacture's specifications.

Tested and Working Robots

All tested and working robots have been checked out to make sure they are ready for operation. The robots have not been painted, cleaned or greased.

"As-Is" Robots

"As-Is" robots have not undergone any testing or reconditioning.

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