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Robots Done Right sells used Motoman robots. With over 400,000 robots installed worldwide, Motoman is a global leader in robotics. As a Motoman reseller, Robots Done Right typically stocks over 100 industrial robots at any given time providing a wide array of Yaskawa models that are available for purchase.

Applications for Motoman Robots

Motoman produces many different types of robots so there is one for almost any robotic application. Motoman robotics produces everthing from palletizing robots to robots used for robotic assembly. The Motoman HP20 can be used for automated pick and place while the Motoman MA1400 can be used for automated welding. There are Motoman robots capable of performing automated dispensing as well as a wide array of material removal applications including cutting, drilling, grinding, and milling. Yaskawa Robotics also produces a strong line of palletizing robots including the MPL160.

Different Types of Motoman Robots

Motoman robotics produces articulated and vertical joint arm robots. Tabletop models are available for robotic training cells as are heavy duty pedestal mount robots. High speed delta robots for picking applications and 4 axis SCARA robots are also part of Yaskawa Motoman's product lines. Six axis material handling robots with payloads up to 900KG are available as are mini robots with payloads less than 1KG.

Motoman Robot Prices

Yaskawa Motoman robot prices range anywhere from $5,000 for older industrial robots to $150,000 for complete welding cells. In general, most stand alone Yaskawa robots can be purchased in the secondhand market for under $35,000. Pricing also varies based on robot availability. Robots Done Right purchases large lots of factory robots allowing us to keep our prices for Motoman robots at a minimum. These robot prices are also kept in check by our low overhead/high quality concept. The average price for a secondhand Motoman robot with an up to date controller is around $17,500.

Purchasing a Motoman Robot

Purchasing Motoman Robots with Robots Done Right is easy, as we have many models in stock at any given time. Our up to date inventory lists everything we have for sale along with any additional robotic welding supplies and complete weld cells. Motoman robot models from different controllers are available including the XRC, NX100, DX100, and DX200. Smaller Motoman training robots are available as are large robotic track systems. We are constantly cycling are stock with new robots coming in every week.

Secondhand Motoman industrial robots can quickly automate most robotic applications in a cost effective manner. Robots Done Right is the place to start when looking for Motoman robots for sale. Looking for a price on a Motoman robot? Contact Matt at 440-724-6568 or by email at for pricing or to sell a used robot.

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