Yaskawa Motoman HP Series

Yaskawa Motoman has been manufacturing industrial robots for decades. Their articulated robots have remained some of the most popular due to their reliability and innovation. Yaskawa Motoman produces several lines of industrial robots that cover a wide range of automation needs. They are particularly known for their series of multipurpose industrial robots.

The Yaskawa Motoman HP series is one of their multipurpose robot lines. Industrial robots in the HP series are capable of automating multiple types of applications. HP robots can be used for multiple projects or for a sequence of tasks, ensuring users get the most value out of their use.

The HP robots were designed to replace Yaskawa Motoman’s UP robot series. Many models in the HP series are successors to the UP robots with slight upgrades in reach or speed. For instance, the Motoman HP6 is the successor to the UP6.

The Yaskawa Motoman HP series features a wide variety of six axis robots. The series has small robots, light payload options, medium payload options, and even some heavy payload models. There are short reach robots as well as extended reach robots. The variety of robot options in the series allows for automation solutions for most application requirements. Payload capacities for the series start at 3 kg and go up to 600 kg. The Motoman HP3 is one of the light payload robots of the series. The Yaskawa HP165 is on the heavier side of the payload spectrum for the HP robots. Reaches range from 532 mm to 3,036 mm for the series. The Motoman HP50-20 features a long reach that is ideal for large work envelopes. Those with compact work areas could consider one of the small robots from the series, such as the Motoman HP5. While the Motoman HP50 provides a reach that is in between the ranges of the previous two robots.

Robots from the HP series can be paired with either Yaskawa Motoman’s NX100 or DX100 controllers. Most are paired with the NX100 which features the ability to control up to four HP robots with a single controller. HP robots that are compatible with the DX100 control system are designated with a “D” at the end of the model name, as is the case with the Yaskawa HP20D. Up to 72 axes can be controlled with a single Yaskawa DX100 controller.

The multipurpose capabilities of the HP robots allow the series to cover a wide range of applications. Material handling, packaging, and palletizing automation are the most common for these robots. However, material removal, cutting, deburring, assembly, machine tending, and pick and place can also be automated by these robots. Some models can even be integrated with a robotic welding package for arc welding automation.

Yaskawa Motoman HP robots are mainly available on the second-hand robot market as most models are no longer manufactured by Yaskawa Motoman. A used HP robot is an extremely cost-effective way to automate. Buyers can save a significant amount of money with a pre-owned Yaskawa Motoman HP industrial robot while still getting the same benefits of robotic automation as a new robot. Robots Done Right sells a variety of used HP robots. RDR can also buy your used HP robot.

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