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Yaskawa Motoman YRC1000 Controller Overview

The Motoman YRC1000 controller is Motoman’s next generation of robotic controls. The YRC-1000 is modeled after Motoman’s highly successful and popular DX200 controller. The YRC 1000 is faster, more precise, and more compact than Motoman’s previous controllers. Featuring a small footprint cabinet, the YRC/1000 is one of the smallest controllers on the market. For those needing extra space savings, the yrc1000 is available in an ultra-compact model, the YRC1000micro.

The Yrc1000 controller features improved path accuracy with increased precision in trajectory performance that is independent of motion speed. Controller speed is improved and faster with the lowering of the ladder scanner time. Even I/O communication speed has been increased by 50% allowing for improved efficiency.

The YR C1000 has been built to a global standard with the elimination of the need for a transformer for input voltages of 380VAC to 480VAC. This controller allows for simplified setup with integrated machine and functional safety along with a single controller-to-robot cable. Maintenance is also simplified with the yrc 1000 thanks to preventive maintenance information and analysis tools that provide maintenance notifications.

The YR-C1000 is compatible with Motoman’s Standard Teach Pendant and their new Smart Pendant. The Standard Pendant features an IP54 rating, touch screen interface, and 3D simulation of the robot’s motion either before or during operation. The Smart Pendant features a larger touch screen interface, reduced programming time, and robot-to-user adaptability.

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