Yaskawa Motoman GP Series

The Yaskawa Motoman GP series consists of several multipurpose handling robots. GP stands for general purpose as the robot manipulators within the series are capable of automating a variety of applications. The GP series robots are available in a wide range of payload, reach, and size configurations making it likely users can find the best GP robot for their application needs.

Payload Capacities

The GP series industrial robot arms consist of light payloads to extremely heavy while also covering payloads in between those ranges. Robotic payloads for the GP series start at 4 kg with the GP4 and go up to 600 kg with the GP600. The GP25 is one of the medium payload factory robots of the series.


The GP series robots are also available in a wide variety of reach configurations. The smaller GP robots feature shorter reaches for working with small parts and work envelopes. The GP8 has a reach of 727 mm which is one of the shortest in the series. There are also multiple extended reach robots in the GP line. These robots feature an extra long reach for working with large parts and work areas. The Yaskawa GP20HL is one of the extended reach robots of the series.


Most of the GP series robotic manipulators feature multiple mounting options, providing users with greater installation flexibility. GP robots can be floor, ceiling, wall, and tilt mounted. The heavier payload robots are the exception to this as they can only be floor mounted. There are also three shelf mounted robots in the series, the GP165R, the GP200R, and the GP400R. Shelf mounting saves floorspace and allows for an expanded robotic work envelope plus better part access.

Axis Configuration

All of the GP series robots are built with six axes allowing for a full range of motion. The GP110B is the only robot in the series that does not have six axes, it has seven axes instead. The extra axis of the GP110B allows for obstacle avoidance and for better part access. The high degree of freedom design of the GP six axis robots makes them perfect for automating complex application paths.


All GP manufacturing robot arms are designed with a compact footprint that allows for reduced interference. The industrial robotic arms of the GP robots consist of a streamlined structure which helps them to avoid obstructions. Most of the GP robots feature internal cabling that further decreases the chance of interference. The design of the GP robots makes them ideal for operating in high-density layouts. They can be installed closely to machinery and workpieces without the risk of interference with their operation.


The GP series robots are available with either the Yaskawa YRC1000 or the YRC1000micro controllers. The small and medium sized robots of the series can be paired with either controller while the larger robots use only the YRC1000.


Since the GP series are general purpose robots they can each automate a variety of manufacturing processes. The GP robots are ideal for material handling, assembly, material removal, machine tending, pick and place, packaging, dispensing, and part transfer applications. Click on the desired model below for more detailed information.

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