Yaskawa Motoman MH Series

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the most popular robotic manufacturers. Hundreds of thousands of their industrial robots have been installed in factories around the world. Their robots have been used to automate the automotive, aerospace, electronics, biomedical, medical device, and food industries.

Yaskawa Motoman has developed several successful lines of industrial robots. One of their most versatile lines is the MH robot series. The Yaskawa Motoman MH series features a wide variety of multipurpose industrial robots. Multipurpose robots are those that are capable of performing several different types of tasks. The MH series robots are ideal for those looking for a general purpose robot for their operations. MH robots add incredible value to a manufacturing process as they are extremely versatile with the ability to adapt to production changes. Yaskawa Motoman MH robots can be deployed for multiple projects allowing manufacturers to get the most use out of their investment.


The MH series is one of the most extensive lines of Yaskawa Motoman robots. The series features compact robots, short arm robots, medium robots, extended reach robots, and heavy lifting robots. The Yaskawa MH3F is one of the small robots from the series while the MH250 is on the opposite side of the size spectrum as one of the largest. Those looking to automate with a small workspace can benefit from one of the compact models. Those with applications requiring large work envelopes could use an extended reach MH robot.

The MH series features six axis robots for a full range of motion. Their payload capacities start at 2 kg and go up to 900 kg. Reaches vary from just over 500 mm to well over 4,000 mm. All MH robots are configured with an articulated robot structure. There are also various mounting options depending on the robot model. Smaller MH robots can be wall or overhead mounted in addition to floor. Larger MH robots are only floor mounted. Some models feature an IP67 rated robotic wrist/arm for operating in harsh work environments. These robots can be paired with DX100, DX200, or FS100 controllers.


Yaskawa Motoman MH robots are mainly used for automating material handling applications. These include part transfer, picking, packaging, machine tending, and palletizing. The Yaskawa MH12 is ideal for part transfer automation. MH robots are also capable of automating applications outside of material handling including assembly, material removal, spot welding, dispensing, and arc welding. The Motoman MH24 is an MH robot capable of both material handling and welding automation.

Advantages of MH Robots

There are a number of advantages to automating with a MH robot. These include:

  • • Flexibility - MH robots can automate a wide variety of applications giving users greater manufacturing flexibility. They can easily adapt to changes with their multipurpose capabilities.

  • • Fast Speeds - MH robots are designed for fast accelerations and axis speeds allowing them to complete tasks in less time. Cycle times are reduced with MH robots, optimizing productivity.

  • • Reliability - MH robots are designed with internally routed cables and to maximize their work envelope while avoiding interference from peripherals. These features enhance their reliability preventing unexpected stoppages and premature wear.
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