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Top Robotic Manufacturers in the World

Industrial robots have been automating production lines for years and will continue to do so as the robotics industry rapidly expands. Every year more manufacturers turn to robots as they have become more affordable, easier to integrate, and more advanced in their capabilities. There are many advantages to automating with robots. There is no shortage when it comes to robotic brands businesses have to choose from when purchasing a robot. Below is a breakdown of the top robotic manufacturers in the world, who are known for building reliable, strong, high quality robots.


FANUC has long been considered the top robot manufacturer in the world with an installation base of 500,000 robots across the globe. They are known for building the strongest 6-axis robots and have the most extensive product line with over 100 models available. FANUC has a robot for everyone with payload ranges from as little as 0.5 kg to as heavy as 2300 kg. The FANUC LR Mate 200ic assembles smart phones in China while the FANUC M-2000ia/2300 lifts complete cars in US automative plants. The FANUC Arc Mate 100ic completes arc welding applications while the FANUC R-2000ib spot welds those pieces into complete auto bodies. They categorize their robots into three groups, articulated, specialty, and delta, for easier selection. Popular FANUC robots include the M-10ia, M-20ia, and the M-710ic/50.

Yaskawa Motoman

Yaskawa Motoman is a Japanese based robot manufacturer that is considered amongst the “big four” manufacturers in the world with an installation base of over 400,000 robots. They produce more welding robots than any other robot manufacturer and are well known for their arc welding robot line. The Motoman HP20 and the Motoman EA1900N are some their most commonly installed arc welding robots. Yaskawa doesn’t just produce welding robots, they also have several robotic lines covering a number of manufacturing applications from assembly to packaging.


ABB is a Swiss based robotic manufacturer known for their energy efficient, reliable, and productive robots. Their robots are especially popular amongst utility, transportation, and energy industries. ABB categorizes their robots into articulated, paint, collaborative, and parallel groups, offering a versatile fleet of robots. Some of their most successful robots include the IRB 6640, IRB 2600, and the IRB 4600.


KUKA is another robotics company that is commonly listed among the “big four” robot manufacturers. The majority of their installation base stems from the automotive industry. In fact, KUKA is the leading robot supplier to the automotive sector with the KR90 and the KR 16 commonly used for the production of automobiles. KUKA robots range from 2 kg to 1300 kg and are recognized as some of the most innovative in the industry.


Kawasaki is another top robot producer with over 110,000 robots installed across the world. They offer a variety of robots including cleanroom, dual arm SCARA, medical and pharmaceutical, painting, palletizing, pick and place, and welding. Their robots range in payload from 3 kg to 1500 kg, offering small to large units.

Other Top Manufacturers

  • Nachi - Nachi has an installation base of 100,000 robots worldwide. They are best known for their arc welding, material handling, and palletizing robots.
  • Denso - Denso is one of the leading manufacturers of small industrial robots with over 100,000 around the world. They produce small 5 to 6-axis articulated units as well as 4-axis SCARA models. The VS-6577 is one of their more successful robots.
  • Epson - Epson is the top SCARA robot manufacturer. They also produce 6-axis robots and cartesian robots for factory automation and have an install base of 55,000 units.
  • Universal - Universal is a top robotic manufacturers of collaborative robots. They only produce cobots with the UR10 and the UR5 being two of their most popular models.
  • Staubli - Staubli rounds out the top robotic manufacturers in the world with an installation base of 45,000. They manufacturer SCARA and 6-axis industrial robots with the tx60 and the TX90 being two of their most well-known models.

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