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Fanuc R-2000ib

The FANUC R-2000iB robot series features a line of workhorse robots that are commonly found on production lines across the industrial world. These 6-axis robots are some of FANUC’s most popular ones due to their compact design and slim robot arm. What makes them unique is that they are some of the heaviest lifters in their class due to their high payload capacities despite having a slim arm design. These payloads range from 100-270kg, making them quite the manufacturing powerhouse. They also feature an extended robot arm with a reach capable of up to 3500mm. There are a number of R-2000iB robots to choose from with each varying in reach, payload, and mounting type, making it easy for manufacturers to find the perfect robot for their requirements.

The robots in the FANUC R 2000iB series can be paired with either the RJ3iC or R-30iA, or R-30ib controllers. Each of these controls provide easy programmability and enhanced motion control for increased precision. These robots can be integrated with FANUC’s iRVision for additional application guidance and the completion of more complex tasks. For example, the FANUC R-2000ib/165F can be integrated with vision to perform pick and place applications such as bin picking. During this process the R2000ib/165F uses vision to be able to identify a specific part from a bin containing a mix of part types. The part is then picked from the bin and placed on a conveyor to head into production.

FANUC robot R-2000iB robots are capable of performing more than just pick and place applications. In fact, they offer a wide number of applications including: spot welding, assembly , material removal, palletizing, part transfer, machine loading, and material handling. In the automobile industry the FANUC R-2000ib/210F is a popular choice for spot welding applications as its slim arm allows it to be able to weld in tight, compact spaces. While the FANUC R-2000ib/250F is commonly used by automobile manufacturers for general assembly processes since its high payload allows for the handling of large or heavy parts that are commonly used in automotive manufacturing. The 165F tends to be the most popular model due to its increased cycle time.

As mentioned above the FANUC Robotics R-2000iB series features a compact design, which can help save on floorspace and allow for work in difficult to access areas. Even though they have a small footprint they are still capable of covering a large work area due to their long reach. They are also able to reach behind and overhead to further extend their work envelope. These used robots may be mounted to the floor, rack, or inverted overhead for greater access to workpieces. Their speed combined with extended work envelope increases operation efficiency and achieves higher productivity levels.

Productivity is further increased with the adoption of the R-2000iB robots with their extended run times of up to 100,000 hours. FANUC R-2000iB robots require less maintenance since they contain fewer mechanical components than other robots. Downtime is significantly reduced allowing productions to run seamlessly and cycle times become faster. Costs are also kept in check with the R-2000iB robots since fewer spare parts are needed with less mechanical components.

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