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Robotic Integration

The use of industrial robots has accelerated over the past several years. Advancements of their technology, the need for sustainable manufacturing, and the decreasing cost of robots are the driving factors behind their high demand. Robots improve productivity, product quality, and efficiency, making them ideal for manufacturers both large and small.

Industrial robots can be integrated in hundreds of different automation applications to perform the desired function. Many companies looking to automate their applications cannot afford the upfront cost of new equipment. Using used industrial robots for new applications is a great way to minimalize the cost of a project and increase the return on investment. Robots Done Right does limited integration projects but also sells hundreds of robots to a network of companies who specialize in integrating robots into various applications. Whether the need is for a robotic arc welding cell or an automated material handling application, RDR can assist in putting you in touch with the optimal company to handle your needs.

Looking to purchase a used FANUC robot such as a FANUC R-2000ib 210F with a gripper and conveyor integrated into it to perform an automated palletizing application? Not a problem. RDR deals with multiple companies capable of supplying a system of that nature. Interested in purchasing a robotic welding cell with a FANUC Arcmate 120ic? We will put you in touch with several companies who can provide those as well. As RDR is only interested in selling the equipment, we offer those services without any type of fee or mark up to the customer or supplier. You will be getting the same price as if you contacted the integrator directly.

See a robot on our site that you would like integrated? Let us know so we can set you up with the best company to meet your needs. Our goal is to sell used robots at the best price possible. We are able to do that by limiting our overhead and letting the companies who integrate used robots the best perform it. RDR stocks hundreds of robots in brands such as Yaskawa Motoman, FANUC Robotics, ABB Robotics, and KUKA Robotics allowing us to meet the needs of almost any application including:

What is Robotic Integration?

Part of the process of implementing an industrial robot or an entire robotic system is integration. Integration is defined as the act of combining objects or processes. Robotic integration involves incorporating an articulated robot, peripheral equipment, and machinery into a manufacturing process. Robotic integration brings several components together in order to function as a single unit. For instance, if you are automating a material handling application the integration process would include incorporating a gripper with a FANUC M20ia, installing the M20ia along a production line, and synchronizing the M20ia movements with a conveyor system to place or pickup parts from.

Common Misconceptions About Robotic Integration

There are often many concerns about robotic integration, the term itself may seem intimidating to some. Robot integration does not have to be overwhelming, in fact it can be an exciting time for manufacturers as it will greatly improve operations. Some of the most common misconceptions about robotic integration include:

  • • An Integrator is Required - In the past an integrator was always required for installing a robot, but today’s robotic technology has become more user-friendly. Some complex applications may still require an integrator, but straightforward applications can be integrated without a third party. Collaborative robots, such as the Universal UR3, are some of the easiest to integrate with their out-of-the-box setup and hand guided programming.

  • • Integration is Expensive - Just as the cost of robots has steadily decreased over the years, so has the cost of integration. Purchasing a second-hand robot and used robotic equipment can also lower the cost of integration. A used welding package featuring the Motoman MA1400, will provide all the equipment needed at a fraction of the price of a new system, while also reducing integration expenses as the equipment has already been used together.

  • • Robotic Experience is Needed - You do not need previous robotic experience in order to integrate a robot. This will depend on the complexity of your robotic application, but many users with no robot experience have been able to setup their own robot. User-friendly robotic software and pre-programmed teach pendants have simplified the integration process.

  • • Production Processes will change - Many people do not like change even if it will be beneficial in the long run. Fear of change is one of the hang ups for manufacturers when it comes to robotic integration. However, implementing an industrial robot does not always mean processes will need to be completely overhauled. Many times, implementing a six axis robot is as simple as inserting it along a production line. Instead of a worker packaging products, a FANUC Lr Mate 200ic can be substituted for the worker. Everything else will remain the same while productivity and packaging quality increase.

  • • Only for High-Volume Productions - The advancements of robotic technology have made robots incredibly versatile and adaptable. They are no longer limited to automating only high-volume productions. They can also automate low-volume and high-mix operations, making them suitable for most manufacturers.

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