Buying an Industrial Robot

Buying an Industrial Robot factory robot

Industrial robots have become commonplace on production lines. Automating repetitive, dangerous, or tedious processes with robots is extremely advantageous and often necessary for manufacturers to stay competitive. Buying an industrial robot is a smart and long-lasting investment.

Rising production costs, high product demand, increasing competition, and low productivity rates are all challenges that can be overcome through investing in robotic automation. Buying an industrial robot and integrating it on your production line provides flexible automation. Robots can perform multiple applications or steps within a manufacturing process, streamlining productions. A single FANUC R2000ib can replace three to four workers with its efficiency. Fewer workers leads to reduced labor costs while limiting human interaction will reduce production errors, saving money by eliminating wasted materials.

Investing in industrial robots allows for the potential to expand manufacturing capabilities and profit growth. Articulated robots are more precise and consistent than humans. They can manufacture more complex parts, produce higher quality parts, and turn out products at faster rates. This all allows for manufacturers to expand their operations by building higher quality and more advanced parts. Reduced costs, faster cycle times, and increased productivity will allow for greater profit margins, making purchasing an industrial robot extremely valuable.

Considerations for Buying a Robot

When buying an industrial robot there are some factors to consider beforehand. The first is to determine the application you are wanting to automate and to make sure it can be automated with an industrial robot. Applications that are repetitive, laborious, or precise are ideal for robots. The exact type of application will help narrow down your robot selection. Some of the most common robot applications include robotic assembly, welding automation, automated spot welding, robotic palletizing, and automated material handling. For instance, if your application involves packaging, then the FANUC M20ia would be an ideal choice. It is also important to consider the specifications of a robot such as its reach, payload, and degrees of freedom to ensure successful automation. Six axis robots are generally the most common used industrial robots.

Another consideration is to determine the space and production line layout for where the robot will be located. You will want to ensure the space can accommodate the robot and its work envelope. It is also important to consider any special mounting requirements. If your limited on space then an overhead mounted gantry robots could be a good option.

Another important consideration is your budget. Buying a robot is a big investment, but it is important to remember it will reduce costs and allow for greater profitability in the long run. Many companies quickly capture their ROI with the many benefits of robotic automation. Determining your budget will help you decide if a new robot is possible or if purchasing a used robot makes more sense. As an added value, some used FANUC robots for sale include the EOAT from their previous application.

Buying a New or Used Robot

Buying a new or used robot will depend primarily on your budget constraints. A new robot will have the latest technology and features but will be significantly more expensive than a second-hand robot. The cost of a used robot is between 40% to 60% of the cost of a new one. Used robots should not be overlooked even if your budget allows for a new robot. The savings of a used robot can allow buyers to purchase multiple robots or a complete robotic workcell to automate an entire production line. Robots have a long lifespan and used ones can be just as reliable if not more than a new robot. Used robots will also provide the same benefits. Buying a used FANUC LR Mate 200id will increase productivity, improve product quality, and enhance efficiency.

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