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Why You Should Consider Buying a Used Robot

There are many factors that need to be considered when selecting an industrial robot. Application requirements, robot type, payload capacity, and reach are all important factors that determine which robot a company should purchase. However, the biggest factor for most is the industrial robot cost. Determining if an industrial robot is within the budget for manufacturers ultimately is the deciding factor whether it is feasible for them to pursue robotic automation. Fortunately, industrial robots have long operating lives which allows for used robots to be a budget friendly alternative to new ones. The second-hand robot market has seen tremendous growth as more manufacturers look to transition from manual labor to robot automation. There are many reasons why companies should consider buying a used robot to automate their operations.

Less Expensive

The main reason many consider used robots is because they are significantly less expensive than brand-new models. The cost of a used robot on average is around 50% less of the cost of a new robot. This is a significant amount of savings that can make robotic automation a reality for many small to medium sized manufacturers. Even large manufacturers can appreciate the savings of used robots. Automating with a used FANUC Lr Mate 200ic does not mean quality will be sacrificed and still allows for the same benefits of robotic automation. With less money spent upfront, companies will see their return on investment in a shorter amount of time.

Compatible with Pre-existing Equipment

Aside from the cost there are other scenarios where buying a used articulated robot makes more sense. One of these is when manufacturers are needing to replace an older six axis robot within their pre-existing robotic system. Buying a used robot will allow companies to get the same model or one that is similar which will be compatible with older controllers, pendants, end-effectors, and power supplies. Buying a used FANUC Arcmate 120ic as a replacement will allow you to preserve your current robotic equipment preventing additional costs.

Reliable Automation Solution

Another reason to consider buying a used robot is that it will be a reliable automation solution. Robots can be in operation for several years. Just because you are buying a used robot does not mean it will be less reliable than a new one. Used robots are tried and true machines since they have already been used previously for production related tasks. If you purchase a used robotic welding system with a Motoman MA1400, you will be assured the entire system will operate properly since it has already been implemented for welding automation in the past. Used robots will improve product quality, reduce cycle times, and increase productivity as well as reduce errors and operation costs.

Familiarity for Techs

Buying a used robot has the advantage of familiarity for techs and operators, allowing for easier integration, programming, and maintenance. Operators and techs with previous robotic experience may already be familiar with your used robot since the model will have been in circulation for years. This means operators will be able to setup and program the factory robot quickly for a fast turnaround. They may also already be aware of preventative maintenance requirements to keep the robot in its optimal condition for the most reliable operation.
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