Buying a Used Robot vs Buying a New Robot

Buying a Used Robot vs Buying a New Robot factory robot

When deciding to automate with industrial robots, manufacturers have two choices; used robots or new robots. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. Understanding these will help you decide which option would be best for your operation.

Advantages of Buying Used

The biggest advantage of buying a used robot is the cost savings. The cost of a used robot is typically anywhere from 40% to 60% of the cost of a new robot. Refurbished robots are a cost-effective solution to robotic automation. The significant savings of second-hand robots can allow manufacturers to purchase additional robots or robotic equipment to make automating an entire production line possible. Buying a used FANUC Lr Mate 200ic over a new LR Mate 200id will allow for a quicker ROI since less capital is spent upfront. Another advantage of buying a used robot is their ability to integrate into pre-existing robotic systems. Purchasing a used robot that is identical or similar to your current one allows for easy integration with your pre-existing robotic equipment. New robots may not be compatible with older EOATs, power sources, or positioners which can lead to a greater expense with having to upgrade an entire robotic system. A used robot will be compatible with older peripherals and can be setup with little downtime and no additional training for robot operators. A good amount of used robots for sale still have the additional integration and end of arm tooling from their previous application. Buying used often has the stigma that the quality or reliability of the product will be less than if it were new, but that is not the case with articulated robots. Six axis robots have extremely long lifespans and when properly maintained can operate for 100,000 hours or more. When purchasing a used robotic system, you are purchasing a system that has proven reliability. This is why the FANUC Arcmate 120ib is still largely in circulation amongst manufacturers even though it has not been in production for years. While slower than the FANUC Arcmate 120id, the 120ib can still perform the same application in generally the same fashion. Refurbished robots can operate just as well as new ones.

Disadvantages of Used Robots

The main disadvantage of purchasing a used robot is that it may not have the latest robotic features or technology. New robots are faster and more accurate than their predecessors. They are also compatible with the latest technology such as advanced robotic vision systems. For those with a larger budget and looking to automate a complex application, a new robot may be best. However, used robots that are only a few years old can be found on the second-hand market, allowing buyers to purchase a newer robot model that is still far less expensive than a brand new one. There are many low hour FANUC R2000ibs for sale at a fraction of the price of a new R-2000ic/210F. It is possible when purchasing a used robot that it may be in poor condition. This is why it is important when considering a used robot to purchase through a reputable company, such as Robots Done Right. This will ensure information about the condition, hours, and peripherals is accurate and that the robot operation is reliable.

Advantages of Buying New

The biggest advantage of buying a new robot is that you are purchasing a brand-new machine. It has not been misused or poorly maintained, allowing for a longer lifespan. Another advantage is that you can purchase a robot to meet your specific needs instead of going off of what is available. Lastly, a new robot will have the latest advances in robotic software.

Disadvantages of New Robots

The biggest downside to buying a new robot is the upfront cost. New robots can be double the price of a used one. Purchasing a used Motoman HP50 is much more feasible than a new MH50, especially for those looking to automate an entire assembly line. Another disadvantage is new robots can have long turnaround times, leaving manufacturers waiting to automate for extended periods of time. Used robots are readily available and can be shipped out quickly. Lastly, replacement parts can be expensive for new robots. Used robots can be repaired with used parts, saving users money on repair costs.

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