Depalletizing Robots

Manufacturers are always in search of methods that can maximize operation efficiency while decreasing production cycle time. This is why many are adding robots like the FANUC M-410ib/450 to complete their depalletizing applications. Automated depalletizing involves the use of robotics to unload materials from a transportation structure at either the beginning or the end of a manufacturing process. Depalletizing robots can be easily programmed to remove items from structures such as cases, bags, bundles, trays, pails, pallets, or tier sheets. These robots can be customized with vision systems and EOAT in order to meet any depalletizing application requirements.

Manufacturers such as those in the food and automotive industries are taking advantage of the benefits offered through replacing manual unloading with robots. Adding a ABB IRB 6640-185/2.80 to production increases the efficiency of the manufacturing process as it is capable of producing throughput of over 100 parts per minute. That speed is no match for a human worker. Not only do depalletizing robots work at faster rates than humans, but they can work twenty-four hours a day. Production does not need to stop with robots because they need a break, or a shift change unlike with human workers. Increased production speed moves the manufacturing process along at a faster rate, decreasing cycle time. Reduced cycle time means companies save money which can lead to increased profits.

Robotic depalletizing often involves the removal of heavy packages or uneven packages that are hard to grip or carry. This can lead to an increased risk of injury for workers. Worker related injuries can cost companies more than just money, but also time. Production becomes halted or slowed when a worker is unable to complete his or her duties. Instead employees can be moved to perform less hazardous jobs and ones that are not as mundane as repeatedly unloading pallets. Another risk of having people unload heavy packages is the product may become damaged due to handling or even dropping. This can increase costs by wasting materials. Robots like the FANUC M-410ib/160 are capable of lifting much heavier items than humans ensuring products will always be unloaded safely.

Robotic depalletizing also offers the advantage of flexibility through their long reach and 360 degree movements. In addition to their extended reach, visions systems can be added to them in order to have the ability to learn on the go to depalletize items they have never worked with before. A robot like the FANUC M-420ia is ideal for depalletizing because when equipped with a vision system it has the capability to adjust to unloading different items and different sizes without stopping. This makes operating robots easy for manufacturers as they do not need to stop to reprogram the robot when different packages need to be removed. Vision also helps the depalletizing process by helping the robot unload and stack items without damage.

Depalletizing robots are changing the world of manufacturing by making it more efficient, safer, and reducing costs. With all the advances in robotic technology there has never been a better time to automate with industrial robots.

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Depalletizing Robots

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