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Advantages of Automating with Robots

The ever evolving technological advancements of today’s global manufacturing market has led to increased competition and higher productivity demands. I+ndustrial robots may have once seemed too advanced and mysterious to manufacturers, but in today’s technology driven world they have become an integral asset in order for companies to keep up and gain a competitive edge. Fortunately, the robotic market has also seen advances in technology that has made industrial robotic arms easy to integrate and user friendly, even without a robotics background. The number of advantages of robotic automation has businesses realizing they cannot afford not to automate their production lines. These advantages are numerous and below is a breakdown of the ones that are most beneficial.

Reduced Costs

The initial cost of a factory robot may seem steep at first, but the cost saving benefits far outweigh the purchase price and manufacturers can see their return on investment relatively quickly. Industrial robot arms, like the FANUC Arcmate 100ic, are capable of around the clock operation without the need for breaks, unlike human workers. In fact, robots can operate for up to or over 100,000 hours, which is estimated to be about 40 years’ worth of work for humans. Downtime can be costly to companies, but by adding robot manipulators to the production floor, these costs become obsolete. Labor costs are also eliminated with industrial robots, since they do not require a salary. Costs can be further reduced with robotic manipulators because they help to decrease the amount of materials wasted or damaged during the manufacturing process with their high level of accuracy.

Increased Quality

Industrial robots, such as the Motoman MH50, are programmed to operate with a high level of precision that is also repeatable. The repeatable precision of robots produces high quality products that do not deviate from one to another. All items manufactured by industrial robot arms will be uniform and long lasting for customers. Producing consistent, high-quality products will keep customers coming back, driving up sales and resulting in increased revenue for businesses.

Improved Safety

Robots are an excellent solution for worker safety. Many manufacturing jobs are dangerous, tedious, repetitive, or mundane to workers. Manufacturing robot arms are designed to handle these types of manufacturing jobs and can even withstand some of the harshest conditions. Adding a robot like the FANUC R-2000ib/210F to the production floor eliminates safety concerns for manufacturers as do not tire and are built for difficult tasks, unlike with human workers. This helps businesses eliminate downtime related to worker injury or fatigue, both of which can lead to increased labor costs. Workers can be relieved of undesirable jobs and placed in safer and more fulfilling ones.

Increased Efficiency

Articulated robots can significantly improve the efficiency of any manufacturing process. They are able to operate at much faster speeds than humans without compromising precision or product quality. Faster operating speeds can greatly increase productivity, allowing manufacturers to deliver more products and at faster rates to their customers. Not only does the speed of operation improve efficiency with the integration of robots, but it also improves as six axis robots can perform multiple tasks. Many industrial robots including the ABB IRB 6640 and the FANUC M-710ic/50 are designed to handle multiple automation applications. The M-710ic/50 can dual as a assembly robot and a handling robots. Their versatility helps to increase production efficiency as one robot can handle the work load of several workers.

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