Yaskawa Motoman Welding Robots

Yaskawa Motoman Welding Robots Robotic welding accounts for about 50% of the world’s use of industrial robots. Almost 30% of welding robots are used for spot welding while a little under 20% are used for arc welding applications. Automated welding is by far the most common application for industrial robots. Yaskawa Motoman is one of the top robotic manufacturers in the world, with over 400,000 robots installed worldwide, the majority of which are being used to automate welding processes.

Yaskawa Motoman Arc Welding Robots

Yaskawa is the top arc welding robot producer. They produce more arc welding robots, software, positioners, and sensors than any other robotic manufacturer. Their arc welding robots are ideal for automating MIG, TIG, and plasma welding applications. Yaskawa’s welding robots produce accurate, precise, high-quality welds that cannot be matched with manual welding. Cycle times are reduced, productivity is increased, and product quality is significantly improved by automating arc welding with a Yaskawa Motoman industrial robot.

Since 1975 Yaskawa has developed several robot lines dedicated specifically to arc welding. Their EA series features a line of “Expert Arc” robots. Popular models from this line include the Motoman EA1400N and the EA1900N. These robots are designed for lightweight part welding with payload ranges from 3 kg to 15 kg. Internalized cabling streamlines the design of these robots and allows for more precise arc welding through reduced cable interference. EA series robots are best known for their reliable operation, making them a smart investment.

Yaskawa Motoman’s MA “Master Arc” series features a several robots that can be utilized for robotic laser welding, plasma, GMAW, and GTAW applications. The Motoman MA1400 is considered one of the fastest arc welding robots in its class, making it a top choice for manufacturers looking to cut cycle times.

The world was introduced the first 7-axis arc welding robot, the Motoman VA1400, when Yaskawa Motoman released their VA robot line. The 7-axis configuration of the VA1400 provides a wide range of motion preventing workpiece interference and allows for optimal torch positioning. This series is titled “Versatile Arc” since their enhanced degrees of freedom provide increased flexibility making them capable of welding from any angle.

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