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Selling A Used Motoman Robot

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the leading robotic manufacturers in the world. Motoman's website claims to have over 380,000 units in production worldwide. Motoman produces many different types of robots capable of performing applications such as Robotic Deburring, Robotic Material Removal, and Robotic Assembly. Robots Done Right purchases Motoman robots in any quantity and condition in order to supply users with replacement robots and robotic parts. RDR also purchases components related to industrial robots including:

  • Miller Welders - In most cases Motoman welding robots are integrated with a Miller Auto Axcess welding supply. Miller AutoAxcess welders add value to the robot allowing it to perform welding applications including MIG welding. Robots Done Right wants to purchase these welders with the robots increasing the purchase price of a sale.
  • Plasma Welders - Yaskawa welding robots like the Yaskawa MA1440 can also be integrated with a plasma power source to perform Plasma Cutting and Plasma Welding. While not as commonly used as MIG and TIG applications, some processes require the use of a plasma power source in order to perform the operation correctly. Robots Done Right purchases used robotic plasma welding equipment.
  • Laser Welders - Used Motoman welding robots such as the Motoman EA1900N can be used to automate Laser Welding applications. Laser welders are very application specific and also add additional resale value to the robot.
  • Welding Tables - Most robotic workcells require a welding table to perform the desired application. Robots Done Right purchases welding tables in conjunction with welding robots in order to provide Welding Packages to its customers.
  • Servo-Driven Positioners - In most arc or Spot Welding applications the inclusion of a servo driven positioner is typically a necessary for increasing efficiency and decreasing cycle time. Servo-driven positioners increase safety by reducing the need for human labor. Arc welding applications can utilize single or multiple Motoman EA1400N robots along with Motoman Arcworld ferris wheel style positioner in order create continuous operation of the welding application. While the robot is performing the weld, human labor is replacing the completed product with new parts to be welded.

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Robots discussed in this article: Motoman EA1400N, Yaskawa MA1440, Motoman EA1900N