Yaskawa Motoman Palletizing Robots

Motoman Palletizing Robot
Robotic palletizing involves the use of an industrial robot to load boxes, cases, or products onto pallets in a manufacturing setting. Industrial robots used for palletizing depalletizing applications typically consist of four to six axes, with four axes being considered ideal. Heavy payload robots are the most common for robotic palletizing, however, light payload robots may also be capable of palletizing tasks for smaller items.

Palletizing robots are integrated with robotic grippers to allow for the lifting and handling of products. Robotic grippers commonly used for these tasks include vacuum, clamp style, and bag gripper types. Palletizing robots have been deployed across many different industries including food, warehousing, electronic, and healthcare. Palletizing is a crucial manufacturing process which is why many companies have automated it with industrial robots.

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the top robotic manufacturers in the world. They have been providing robotic solutions for many application types for several decades. One of those application types is robotic palletizing. Yaskawa offers four-axis, five-axis, and six-axis palletizing robots, giving customers options when it comes to range of motion. They also have a wide range in payload capacity, varying from 50 kilograms up to 800 kilograms.

Yaskawa’s palletizing robots are fast, reliable, and accurate. They can be integrated with a 2D or 3D vision system for enhanced operation and flexibility. When integrated with vision, their robots are able to adapt to product and process changes while operating, keeping production lines running smoothly.

Yaskawa Motoman has developed several lines of palletizing robots over the years. In the mid-2000s they launched their “Expert Palletizing” EPL robot series, featuring the Motoman EPL160. The robots comprising this series where designed to be masters of palletizing applications. With an enhanced range of motion, fast operating speeds, and extremely high handling capabilities, these robots provide an efficient automation solution for manufacturers. Other Yaskawa Motoman robots capable of automating palletizing tasks include models from their HP, MPL, and SP product lines. The Motoman Hp 165 is capable of performing heavy payload palletizing, providing users with extra lifting power on their production floors.

Automating palletizing processes with a Yaskawa Motoman robot improves the reliability of your loading or unloading operations. Yaskawa palletizing robots are programmed to follow exact paths of your application. They can easily adapt to changes in pallet patterns or product types either through reprogramming or the integration of a vision system. With other types of conventional palletizing systems users are limited to specific product types or shapes and many of these systems lack the flexibility to adapt to changes. This is one of the many advantges of automating with robots

Yaskawa Motoman palletizing robots provide reliability and accuracy for manufacturing. Products are palletized with precision, ensuring items do not become damaged during loading or after they have been shipped out. Yaskawa’s robots load pallets uniformly, preventing pallets from deviating from one another. They can even be programmed to leave specified gaps in between items to further safeguard against damaged products. The high performance, versatility, and efficiency of Yaskawa palletizing robots make them a cost-effective automation solution for many industries.

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