Yaskawa Motoman MPL80

Yaskawa Motoman MPL80

Yaskawa Motoman MPL80 Overview

The Yaskawa Motoman MPL80 is a five-axis robot designed for robotic palletizing and de-palletizing applications. The MPL-80 is part of Yaskawa’s “Master Palletizing” robot series that is designed for high performance and reliability. Featuring a payload of 80 kg and a vertical reach of 3,291 mm, this robot is ideal for palletizing medium weight workloads, including cases and bags. The MPL/80 is available with NSF-H1 certified food-grade lubricant as an option for operation in food or consumer product packaging. This Motoman palletizing robot can also be used for automated pick and place and robotic assembly.

Maintenance requirements are kept to a minimum with the MPL 80 with internally routed cables and airlines from its base to its EOAT. This prevents cable interference from occurring during operation and reduces cable wear for maximum reliability. Those with limited floorspace will appreciate the smaller footprint of the Yaskawa Motoman MPL.80 with its compact and slim arm design. This articulated robot is similar in reach and payload to the FANUC M-710ic/70.

Yaskawa Motoman’s PalletSolver software is available with the mpl80 for the fast and simple creation of palletizing paths. The Mpl80 may be paired with either the DX100, DX200 or MLX200 controller. All controllers are highly intelligent and allow for user-friendly operation of the MPL80.

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Axes 5
Payload: 80 KG (176.37 lbs)
Reach: 2061 MM (81.14 in)
Repeatability: ±0.07mm (.002 in)
Robot Mass: 550 KG (1,212 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
S-Axis 170 °/s (2.96 rad/s)
L-Axis 170 °/s (2.96 rad/s)
U-Axis 170 °/s (2.96 rad/s)
B-Axis 170 °/s (2.96 rad/s)
T-Axis 350 °/s (6.10 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
S-Axis - ±180°
L-Axis - 135°-90°
U-Axis - 35°-160°
B-Axis - ±15°
T-Axis - ±360°

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