FANUC LR Mate Series

The FANUC LR Mate robot series features a line of compact and versatile industrial robots. Despite these articulated robots being on the smaller side, their arm is designed to be similar to the size of a human arm for a wide range of motion. Their rigid arm design allows for fast accelerations and short cycle times. Some of them feature an IP67 rating, making these robots extremely durable despite their size.

Robots in this series range between five to six axes, allowing them to automate a multitude of robotic applications. Most models are six axis robots. They are ideal for light payload processes with a range of 3 kg up to 7 kg in payload capacity. Also, within the series is a mixture of standard reach models along with extended reach models for those with larger workspaces. There are even short arm variants that are designed especially for narrow or confined work areas.

Not only do LR Mate robot models offer a variety for payload capacity, reach and axes, but there are also variants designed for special work environments. LR Mate robots come in food, cleanroom, and wash proof versions with special coatings, seals, and lubricants to be able to operate in the food or pharmaceutical industries.

Thanks to the compact configuration and lighter robot mass, LR Mate robots can be mounted almost anywhere for easy integration onto production lines. These robots can be floor, tabletop, ceiling, wall, or angle mounted. They can even be installed directly into machine tools. Their size also allows for several to operate closely together for hyper-productivity.

The LR Mate robots are capable of automating several types of robotic applications. The Lr Mate 200id is ideal for robotic assembly and automated pick and place tasks. While the Lr Mate 200ic/5L is capable of automated machine loading and robotic material removal. Other applications that can be automated with LR Mate robots include deburring, polishing, machine tending, material handling, and robotic welding. The LR Mate 200id/7L is mechanically the same robot as the Arcmate 50id/7L and can be used in automated arc welding applications.

LR Mate robots are compatible with the R-J3iB, R-30iA, R-30iB, and R-30iB Plus Mate FANUC controllers, depending upon the exact model. Older LR Mate robots will be compatible with either the R-J3iB or R-30iA control system. For example, the LR Mate 200ib is paired with the R-J3iB. Newer LR Mate robots will be compatible with either the R-30iB or R-30iB Plus Mate controllers. The R-30iB Plus Mate is more compact, making it the perfect match for the small LR Mate robots, especially for those with limited space.

These used FANUC robots can be integrated with a variety of intelligence options to enhance their performance. For those looking to automate complex tasks, FANUC’s iRVision can be integrated. Robotic vision systems increases accuracy and productivity of the LR Mate robots by providing them the ability to adapt to changes on the fly. Force sensors can also be added to a LR Mate robot for force control, which is key for material removal processes. FANUC LR Mates can be equipped with a robotic gripper in order to move various systems of materials.

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