FANUC R-J3IB Controller

FANUC R-J3IB Controller Overview

The FANUC R-J3IB controller is an industrial robot controller that is available in the A-cabinet, B-cabinet, and Mate cabinet styles. This controller was produced anywhere from 2001 to 2006. Used FANUC RJ3IB robots are currently very popular in the robot market as most models taken out of production still have a significant useful life remaining. Larger robots such as the FANUC R-2000ia 165F use the B-cabinet style due to larger servo amplifier that the robot requires. Smaller robots like the FANUC M-16ib RJ3IB can use either the A or B cabinet style. The LR Mate 200ib RJ3IB is an example of a robot that utilizes the Mate style cabinet. The FANUC RJ3IB has improved motion and applicaton performance over the RJ3 controller. The RJ3IB controller runs on the FANUC operating system which includes quick start up times as well as increased security. Not only can the R-J3IB control multiple robots, but it can also control up to 16 FANUC motor based axes at one time. Used FANUC R-J3IB robots can provide a significant return as they are built to last while costing significantly less than new or used FANUC R-30ia robots.
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