FANUC M-900ia/350

FANUC M900ia/350 Robot

FANUC M-900ia/350 Overview

The FANUC M-900ia/350 is a heavy payload industrial robot used for robotic assembly, robotic spot welding and automated loading applications. The FANUC M900ia/350 is a six axis robot with servo driven motors. The FANUC M900ia/350 is available in the FANUC R-J3ib, FANUC RJ3IC, FANUC R-30IA, and FANUC R-30ib controllers. The m900ia 350 has a payload of 350 KG making it one of the largest used FANUC robots available. A used FANUC m-900ia robot can also be mounted to the floor, wall, ceiling, or on an angle.

The mechanical unit part number for this articulated robot is A05B-1327-B501. The controller for the R-30ia version of this heavy payload robot has a part number of A05B-2539-B155. Robotic applications requiring a longer reach should use the M-900ia/260L. Applications that require less payload should use a robot from the R2000ib series of robots. This robot is similar in reach and payload to the ABB 7600-325, Motoman UP350N and KUKA KR 330.

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Axes 6
Payload: 350 KG (771.61 lbs)
Reach: 2650 MM (104.33 in)
Repeatability: ±0.3mm (.011 in)
Robot Mass: 1720 KG (3,791.95 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
J1 100 °/s (1.74 rad/s)
J2 95 °/s (1.65 rad/s)
J3 95 °/s (1.65 rad/s)
J4 105 °/s (1.83 rad/s)
J5 105 °/s (1.83 rad/s)
J6 170 °/s (2.96 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 - 360°
J2 - 150°
J3 - 223°
J4 - 720°
J5 - 250°
J6 - 720°

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