FANUC Palletizing Robots

FANUC Palletizing Robot

FANUC has long been considered the top robotic manufacturer in the world. They have the largest installation base with over 500,000 robots in use. Their robots have been used to automate the automotive, aerospace, electronics, food, and warehousing industries among many others. With over 100 robot models, they have the most extensive line of industrial robots. FANUC robots are known for being innovative, intelligent, and durable, all characteristics that are key for successfully automating palletizing applications.

FANUC offers a diverse line of palletizing robots, providing customers with options for size, payload capacity, and speed. Their full line of robotic palletizers ranges from collaborative robots to heavy payload options. FANUC’s palletizing robots consist of 4, 5, and 6 axes to accommodate different range of motion requirements. Their palletizing robots are integrated with robotic grippers to allow for the lifting and loading of products. The type of gripper used depends upon the product type, but the most common ones are bag style, vacuum, and parallel grippers. In addition to the gripper, FANUC robots deployed for palletizing tasks may also be integrated with their iRVision system to provide guidance for part and location detection, bar-coding, and operation flexibility. FANUC palletizing robots may also be integrated with other technologies including force sensors, 3D area scanners, and dual check safety. These technologies all enhance the efficiency, accuracy, and safety of palletizing processes.

FANUC’s robots can be used to palletize a number of different product types. Some of the more common ones include cases, boxes, bags, frozen items, cement blocks, bricks, and rolls. Their robots can be programmed to load pallets in single layers, multi-layers, randomized individual order, or mixed product layers.

As mentioned above, FANUC offers a wide range or robots capable of automating palletizing applications. These robots include:

  • CR Series - FANUC’s CR collaborative robot series features payloads between 15 kg and 35 kg for light palletizing. These robots are designed to operate safely alongside humans without requiring safety fencing. FANUC’s CR robots can assist workers with the repetitive lifting and loading of pallets, easing the burden from workers.

  • M-710 Series - Robots from FANUC’s M-710 series are ideal for lower throughput palletizing. The M-710ic/50 is capable of palletizing medium workloads and provides versatile mounting options, including floor and ceiling.

  • R-1000 Series - The FANUC R-1000 robot line features the R-1000ia/80F for high speed pallet loading. The palletizing robots from this series consist of a smaller range of motion, but they make the most of their work envelope with fast cycle times.

  • R-2000 Series - The R-2000 series is one of the most successful robot lines from FANUC. Featuring the R-2000ib/125L and the R-2000ib/250F for robotic palletizing. Robots from the R-2000 series have been used for loading pallets in tough conditions, such as in freezers, and for palletizing heavy boxes in distribution centers.

  • M-410 Series - Robots from FANUC’s M-410 series consist of some of their heaviest lifters. The M-410ib/700 has a payload capacity of up to 700 kg. The M-410 robots are FANUC’s most popular palletizers with their reach and payload capacity.

  • M-420 Series - The 4-axis design of the FANUC M-420iA makes it ideal for palletizing tasks. It operates with speed and accuracy, elevating any medium payload palletizing application.

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FANUC Palletizing Robots

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