FANUC R-1000ia/130F

FANUC R1000ia/130F Robot

FANUC R-1000iA/130F Overview

The FANUC R-1000ia/130F is a flexible heavy payload industrial robot that is used for a wide variety of robotic applications. This advanced used FANUC robot is used in many assembly and material handling applications. The R1000ia 130F has the higher payload all R-1000ia robots while maintaining a quick cycle time. The used FANUC R1000ia-130F is available in the FANUC R-30ib and FANUC R-30ib Plus controllers. This FANUC R-series robot features an increased cycle time and decreased work envelope when compared to FANUC R-2000 robots. In addition to the above mentioned applications, the R-1000ia 130F can also be used for spot welding, machine tending, deburring, material removal, and parts transfer. Integrating a used FANUC R1000iA 130F into your dispensing operation or material handling application can significantly reduce your production costs.

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Axes 6
Payload: 130 KG (286.60 lbs)
Reach: 2230 MM (87.79 in)
Repeatability: ±0.03mm (.001 in)
Robot Mass: 675 KG (1,488 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
J1 130 °/s (2.26 rad/s)
J2 110 °/s (1.91 rad/s)
J3 120 °/s (2.09 rad/s)
J4 170 °/s (2.97 rad/s)
J5 170 °/s (2.97 rad/s)
J6 250 °/s (4.36 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 - 360°
J2 - 245°
J3 - 360°
J4 - 720°
J5 - 250°
J6 - 720°

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