FANUC welding Robots

FANUC Welding Robots

FANUC Welding Robot

FANUC is considered the top robot manufacturer in the world with an installation base of over 500,000 robots. FANUC has been able to remain on top of the robotics industry for years because of their strong, durable, and innovative industrial robots. With over one hundred models to choose from, they offer the most extensive line of robots with options for just about any type of robotic application.

Welding is one of the most common applications automated by industrial robots, with 50% of them being used to weld. Of the robots currently being used for welding, a large portion belong to FANUC. FANUC has developed a wide range of robotic welders for both arc welding and robotic spot welding applications. With various options for payload capacity, reach, and size, there is a robot for almost any welding process.

The FANUC Arc Mate series is comprised of robots specifically designed to complete automated welding applications. These robots can automate MIG welding, TIG, plasma, and laser welding processes. In addition to welding, many robots in the Arc Mate family can also complete laser and plasma cutting tasks. Payload capacities in this series range from as little as 3 kg up to 25 kg. The FANUC Arcmate 100ic and the Arcmate 120ic have both been widely successful robot models from the Arc Mate line.

While 50% of the world’s robots are used for welding, more than half of those robots are deployed for spot welding applications. Select robot models from FANUC’s M series, R series, and S series can automate spot welding tasks. Spot welding robots from these product lines provide the payload capacity needed to operate heavy welding equipment. FANUC’s most successful robot line, the R-2000 series, is especially well-suited for taking on spot welding. The FANUC R2000ib/210F provides the accuracy, durability, and reliability needed to optimize spot welding.

FANUC welding robots are used across a number of different industries including the automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas industries. In the automotive industry, the FANUC R2000ib/125L is commonly used to weld together car frames, ensuring quality and safety of each vehicle manufactured. While the high-quality welding of the Arcmate 120ib is used to weld fenders to prevent future corrosion from occurring to the vehicle exterior.

In the aerospace industry, FANUC’s welding robots are used to construct essential plane components, such as motors. Robots from FANUC’s Arc Mate series are popular for welding large pipe systems for oil and gas manufacturers. The accuracy of Arc Mate robots ensure welds will not deteriorate over time when the pipe systems are exposed to different environmental elements.

Automating with a FANUC robot can completely optimize a welding application. Welding robots by FANUC are extremely precise and accurate for high repeatability with each cycle run. Weld quality increases along with consistency from part to part. Improved weld quality reduces the amount of scrapped materials and rejected parts, helping to keep costs in check. The fast operation speeds of FANUC’s welding robots allow for parts to be completed in less time, boosting productivity levels. FANUC welding robots are a cost-effective automation solution that can help keep manufacturers competitive in today’s global markets.

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