FANUC M-10ia/12S

FANUC M10ia/12S Robot

FANUC M10ia/12S Overview

The short reach FANUC M-10ia/12S is best used for compact material handling applications. This hollow wrist robot has a 2 KG higher payload than the FANUC M-10ia. This high speed industrial robot is used in many scenarios including assembly, dispensing, and injection molding. The M10ia/12S is a six axis robot with servo driven motors. The FANUC M10ia/12 S uses the new FANUC R-30ib controller. The M10ia 12 S industrial robots shorter reach may limit the applications it can be used in, however, it is an optimal choice for compact operations. The M-10ia 12S is also the most accurate robot in its class. Purchasing a used FANUC robot such as the FANUC M10ia/12S robot can be used to automate a smaller material handling process.


Axes 6
Payload: 12 KG (26.45 lbs)
Reach: 1098 MM (43.22 in)
Repeatability: ±0.05mm (.0019 in)
Robot Mass: 130 KG (286 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
J1 260 °/s (4.54 rad/s)
J2 280 °/s (4.89 rad/s)
J3 315 °/s (5.50 rad/s)
J4 430 °/s (7.5 rad/s)
J5 430 °/s (7.5 rad/s)
J6 630 °/s (11.00 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 - 360°
J2 - 250°
J3 - 340°
J4 - 380°
J5 - 380°
J6 - 720°

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