FANUC Scara robot

FANUC Scara Robots


The FANUC SR series is comprised of several high-speed SCARA industrial robots. The main robots of the SR series are the SR-3iA, SR-6iA, SR-12iA, and the SR-20iA. These robots feature four axes, payload capacities ranging between 3 kg to 20 kg, and reaches from 400 mm to 1,100 mm. In addition to the four main robots in the SR series, the SR-3iA and SR6iA are also available in three-axis versions.

FANUC SR robots are designed with a compact footprint. Their small frame saves on space and helps reduce interference with peripherals making them easy to integrate along production lines. All SR robots feature a pedestal mount but are available with the option for a wall mount for those looking for additional space savings. Just because the FANUC SR-6ia and the other SR robots are small does not limit them to only handling small workpieces. Their high inertia capacity and full 360 degree work envelope provides them with the flexibility to handle larger parts.

The FANUC SR robots are designed with internal cabling and valves that run through the robotic arm. This gives the SR robots a clean appearance while also reducing interference and maintenance costs. Internal cabling prevents cables from catching on peripherals reducing premature wear and breakdowns. The operation of the SR robots is more reliable with this feature. Cable life is extended, reducing maintenance costs. The robotic arm of the SR robots also features a brake release switch for easy error recovery.

The FANUC SR robots feature ultra- fast speeds with high repeatability. Their high repeatability ensures they operate with great precision despite their fast speeds. Adding a FANUC SR-20ia to your production will reduce cycle times and increase productivity. The FANUC SR robots are designed to automate assembly, dispensing, pick and place, packaging, inspection, and palletizing applications.

All SR robots come standard with an IP20 rating. However, for those with work environments requiring stringent cleanliness standards there are environmental options available for the SR-12iA and the SR-20iA. The environmental options feature a white exterior coating, corrosion resistant bolts, and a covered Z axis for an IP65 rating. Environmental option SR industrial robots are ideal for automating secondary food processes.

All FANUC SR robots are paired with the R-30iB Compact Plus controller. This controller features a reduced footprint from the R-30iB controller. The smaller controller helps to conserve even more space along with the SR robots. In addition to its compact frame, it is also lightweight just like the SR robots. Vision guidance, force sensing, and conveyor tracking are some of the features that come built-in to the R-30iB Compact Plus controller.

Programming the FANUC SR robots is made easier with their iRProgrammer software. iRProgrammer is a web-based user interface. Users can choose to run the software from a tablet or computer. An optional teach pendant is available as well for those that prefer a more traditional programming method. In addition to being able to choose the programming device, users can also choose the web platform such as Chrome or Safari. This allows users to customize the software to their own preferences.

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