FANUC Sr-6ia

FANUC SR-6iA Overview

The SR-6iA is one of FANUC’s high-speed SCARA industrial robots. The FANUC SR6iA features a payload capacity of 6 kg, a horizontal reach of 650 mm, and a four-axis configuration. The sr.6ia is a lightweight and compact robot which allows it to be easily installed along production lines. Its slim footprint prevents interference with peripherals and allows for space savings.

The FANUC S/R-6iA is ideal for automating precision based tasks. The SR/6ia can be used for assembly, dispensing, picking, packaging, and palletizing applications. It even provides the flexibility to handle larger workpieces despite its small size due to its high inertia capacity.

The risk of peripheral interference is further reduced with the integration of solenoid valves and air lines through the robotic arm of the FANUC SR-6Ia. This also reduces maintenance costs by decreasing wear and tear of air lines and valves. Error recovery is made easy through a brake release switch on the arm of the SR-6i-A. Floor mounting comes standard with the FANUC SR.6iA but there is an option available for wall mounting.

The FANUC SR 6ia is paired with the R-30iB Compact Plus controller. Programming is done through FANUC’s web-based iRProgrammer interface. iRProgrammer allows users to choose between setting up and programming the SR-6i-A through a PC, tablet, or teach pendant.


Axes 4
Payload: 6 KG (6.61 lbs)
Reach: 650 MM (25.59 in)
Repeatability: ±0.01mm (.00039 in)
Robot Mass: 30 KG (66.13 lbs)
Structure: SCARA
Robot Motion Speed
J1 440 °/s (7.67 rad/s)
J2 700 °/s (12.2 rad/s)
J3 2000 mm/s
J4 2500 °/s (43.63 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 - ±148°
J2 - ±150°
J3 - 210mm
J4 - ±720°

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