FANUC SR-12iA Overview

The SR-12iA is a SCARA industrial robot from FANUC. The FANUC SR12iA is configured with four axes, a 12 kg maximum payload capacity, and a horizontal reach of 900 mm.

The FANUC SR/12iA is easy to install with its light mass and compact footprint. The S-R-12iA weighs just 53 kg and has a footprint of 280 x 364 mm. Users are able to conserve floorspace with the sr-12ia. For those wanting to save even more floorspace there is an option available for wall mounting, but floor mounting is the standard.

The FANUC SR12i/A is also available in an IP65 option. This option features a white exterior coating and a covered Z axis making it suitable for food productions or those requiring stringent cleanliness.

Other features of the FANUC SR.12iA include internally routed cables and pipes through the robotic arm. Internal routing simplifies integration and prevents cable interference for a more reliable operation from the sr/12ia. Its arm also features a brake switch for easier error recovery. The S/R/12iA is paired with the FANUC R-30iB Compact Plus controller and uses the web-based iRProgrammer interface.

The FANUC SR12i-A can be used to automate assembly, dispensing, palletizing, picking, and packaging applications.


Axes 4
Payload: 12 KG (26.45 lbs)
Reach: 900 MM (35.74 in)
Repeatability: ±0.01mm (.00039 in)
Robot Mass: 53 KG (116.84 lbs)
Structure: SCARA
Robot Motion Speed
J1 440 °/s (7.67 rad/s)
J2 510 °/s (8.90 rad/s)
J3 2800 mm/s
J4 2500 °/s (43.63 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 - ±145°
J2 - ±145°
J3 - 300mm
J4 - ±720°

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