FANUC R-2000ib/210WE

FANUC R2000ib/210WE Robot

FANUC R-2000ib/210WE Overview

The FANUC R-2000iB/210WE is a versatile and durable industrial robot. With a standard IP67 rating, the R-2000iB-210WE is designed to operate in harsh conditions as it is dust and wash proof. The R/2000iB/210WE can withstand water immersion up to one meter with its IP rating. This six axis robot is ideal for those looking to automate applications involving exposure to liquids or dust.

Featuring a payload capacity of 210 kg and an extended reach of 2655 mm, the R-2000iB/210/WE is ideal for high payload applications. It can automate spot welding, palletizing, material removal, material handling, and machine tending. Its multi-application capabilities provide manufacturers with flexible automation. Even though the R-2000iB210/WE is designed for heavy applications, it maintains a smaller footprint to be able to operate on most manufacturing floors.

The R/2000iB/210/WE is paired with FANUC’s R-30iB controller. The R-30iB controller provides intelligent programming with a user-friendly interface featuring over 250 software functions. Other features of the R-30iB controller are low energy use, high performance cycle times, and increased speed for complete optimization of the FANUC R2000iB/210WE.

With the FANUC R-2000iB-210-WE hazards related to dust, dirt, and water become obsolete. Users can rely on the high performance of the R-2000iB.210WE regardless of work environment conditions.

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Axes 6
Payload: 210 KG (462.97 lbs)
Reach: 2655 MM (104 in)
Repeatability: ±0.3mm (.0118 in)
Robot Mass: 1280 KG (2,821 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
J1 95 °/s (1.66 rad/s)
J2 90 °/s (1.57 rad/s)
J3 95 °/s (1.66 rad/s)
J4 120 °/s (2.09 rad/s)
J5 120 °/s (2.09 rad/s)
J6 190 °/s (3.32 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 - 360°
J2 - 136°
J3 - 362°
J4 - 720°
J5 - 250°
J6 - 720°

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