FANUC R-1000i Robots vs FANUC R-2000i Robots

The FANUC R series is composed of some of FANUC’s most popular industrial robots. The R robots are some of the most durable and hardest working in the robotic field, which is why they have a large installation base around the world. The series features two lines of industrial robots; the R-1000iA series and the R-2000i series. Below is a look at some of the differences and similarities between the two lines.


The robots in the FANUC R-1000iA series are designed for handling medium payloads. The payload capacity in the series range from 80 kg up to 130 kg. All R-1000iA robots feature a reach of 2,230 mm. Most R-1000iA are configured as six axis robots, but there are five-axis and seven-axis models as well.

The R-2000i robots are capable of lifting heavier payloads than the R-1000iA robots. There are some R-2000i robots that feature medium payload capacities, such as the FANUC R-2000ib/100P. Overall the R-2000i series features heavy payload robots with capacities ranging from 100 kg up to 270 kg. The FANUC R-2000i robots also feature longer reaches than the R-1000iA’s, ranging from 2,483 mm to 3,500 mm. The majority of R-2000i models are configured with six axes for a full range of motion, but there are also five-axis options.


The FANUC R series robots can automate material handling and spot welding applications. FANUC R-1000iA robots can also automate machine tending, dispensing, material removal, and deburring processes. The R-1000ia/80F is ideal for medium payload part transfer tasks.

The heavier payloads of the R-2000i robots make them ideal for moving large, heavy parts or operating heavy spot welding tooling. The R-2000ib/250F is ideal for automating heavy lifting applications with its high payload capacity. R-2000i robots may also be able to automate cutting, machine tending, part transfer, and injection molding tasks.

Robot Models

The R-1000iA series features five robot models. There are three six-axis models, along with the five-axis R-1000ia/80H and the seven-axis R-1000ia/120F-7B.

The R-2000i series features several different models among multiple generations of robots. The R-2000iA series was the first generation of R-2000i robots and features the highly successful R-2000ia/165F. Since the inception of the R-2000iA robots there have been three additional generations launched, the R-2000iB, R-2000iC, and R-2000iD. There is a wide range of model types within the line including floor mounted, pedestal mounted, rack mounted, extended reach, ceiling mounted, and wash environment.


The R-1000iA robots are compatible with FANUC’s R-30iA, R-30iB, or R-30iB Plus controllers.

Controller models vary amongst the R-2000i robots depending upon the robot generation. The R-2000iA robots are paired with the RJ3iB controller. While the R-2000iB and R-2000iC robots can be paired with the R-30iA, RJ3iC, or R-30iB. The R-2000iD robots are paired with the R-30iB Plus control system.

The main differences between these two lines of R series robots comes down to their payload capacities. Both lines are able to automate similar applications while taking up minimal space with their slim arms and compact footprints. Those looking to automate medium handling applications can find success with one of the R-1000iA robots, while heavier payloads can be covered by the R-2000i series.
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