Fanuc R-2000ic

The FANUC R-2000iC series is the third generation of the world-renowned R-2000i robot family. FANUC’s R-2000i series is their most successful and has the largest installation base around the world than any other robot line. The R-2000iC robots succeed the R-2000iA and R-2000iB robot lines, building upon their success.

The FANUC R-2000iC robots are ideal for medium to heavy payload applications with payload capacities ranging from 100 kg up to 270 kg. The FANUC R-2000ic/165F is ideal for applications requiring moderate lifting, while the R-2000ic/270F is the heavy lifter from the series. In addition to impressive payload capacities, the R-2000iC robots offer expanded reaches ranging from 2,230 mm to 3,540 mm. The long reach capabilities of these articulated robots make them ideal for working with large workpieces or operating in large work envelopes. All models comprising the R-2000iC series are six axis robots for full range of motion capabilities.

The robots of the R-2000iC series feature a slim arm and wrist. Both the size and weight of the R-2000iC robots have been reduced from their predecessors for a more compact construction. Their compact size allows them to operate in confined spaces or in multi-robot configurations. Their size and slender arm makes them more agile with faster operating speeds to ensure shorter cycle times.

The FANUC R-2000iC robot series features several models for users to choose from. Some of these models are updates to familiar FANUC robots while others are new variations. The R-2000ic/210F is the updated version to one of FANUC’s most popular robot models, the R2000ib/210F. There are several variants within the robot series. The R-2000ic/125L is one of the long reach models that provides an extended reach for those with extra wide workspaces. The R-2000iC series also features models designed specifically for washing environments. These robots feature complete IP67 protection as standard for resistance to water, dust, or dirt. Other variations are characterized by their mounting options, which include pedestal, rack, and overhead models. The R-2000ic/165R is a rack mounted robot that allows for better access to workpieces while saving floorspace.

One of the reasons for the success for FANUC’s R-2000i robots is their multipurpose capabilities and that does not stop with the R-2000iC robots. The R-2000iC robots are extremely versatile with the ability to automate several applications including robotic spot welding, material handling, assembly, dispensing, and machine tending among many others. These robots can be integrated with most grippers or spot welding guns. The R-2000ic/210L is commonly used for material handling automation.

The R-2000iC robots can be paired with either the FANUC R-30iB or R-30iB Plus controllers. These controllers feature a user-friendly interface simplifying programming. The compact design of either controller also saves on floorspace. The R-2000iC robots can be integrated with additional intelligent features to enhance their operation. These include Force Sensing, iRVision, Bin Picking, Learning Robot, and Visual Line Tracking. For those with harsh work environments, the R-2000iC robots are available with an optional protection kit for automated foundry applications. The kit protects the robot base, drive train, and J1 and J2 axes from dust and water.

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