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Fanuc R-2000ia

The FANUC R-2000iA robot series is one FANUC’s most popular lineup of articulated robots. These manufacturing robot arms can be found in a number of industries and have the largest install base around the world. The R-2000iA robot manipulators are high performing 6-axis powerhouses that produce fast cycle times and increase productivity. Their high payload capacities range from 100-210kg allowing them to handle heavy or large workpieces with ease. They also feature long reaches with ranges from 2650-3500mm. The FANUC R-2000iA industrial robotic arm and wrist features a slim design which combined with their long reach allows them to be able to operate in difficult and tight areas. Their slim arm and wrist also prevent interference with peripherals.

The FANUC R2000iA robot series uses the intelligent and innovative R-J3iB controller. These industrial robot arms come with process specific software packages for a number of applications, making programming a breeze. They are capable of remote connections, diagnostics, and system monitoring through their web-based software. They are also integrated with robotic vision systems for enhanced application guidance, allowing them to complete more complex tasks such as identifying a particular part from a bin of mixed parts to then place it on a conveyor for production. Vision systems also allow R2000iA factory robots like the FANUC R-2000ia/165F, to complete inspection tasks by monitoring products moving along a conveyor for any defects or damage and then removing them.

The R-2000iA robot line offers manufacturers a great deal of versatility and flexibility when incorporated to production lines. Manufacturers can choose from different mounting options such as the floor mounted FANUC R2000ia/125L, the shelf mounted FANUC R-2000ia/165R, or the ceiling mounted FANUC R-2000ia/200T. These options allow greater access to workpieces along with their large work envelope. Their work envelope is further expanded since they are capable of reaching overhead and behind, making them an efficient solution for large or difficult to reach workpieces. These robots are designed to hand a variety of parts and keep productions moving seamlessly with their speed.

R-2000iA robots are some of the greatest workhorses in industrial manufacturing and offer a well-rounded automation solution with the number of applications they can perform. In the automotive industry the FANUC R2000ia/210F is a popular choice for spot welding, while the R2000ia/165F is used for assembly applications. Other applications covered by the series include: part transfer, material removal, material handling, dispensing, and machine tending.

With the R-2000iA robot series production downtime is rare since they have fewer mechanical components as opposed to other robots. These robots are low maintenance and with fewer components to begin with that means there are fewer spare parts needed. Their stationary arm stores the hose and cables, protecting them from becoming damaged and simplifying their design. Operation costs are reduced with their simplified design and low maintenance. All these features mean a prolonged service life for R-2000iA robots, helping manufacturers save on costs while working more hours and increasing productivity.

The FANUC R-2000iA robot series is a proven cost-effective manufacturing solution. The efficiency and versatility of the robot series allows companies to realize their ROI quickly while improving the quality and cycle time of their operations.

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