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Popular FANUC Robot Models

FANUC is the top robotic manufacturer in the world, with more of their robots installed globally than any other robot manufacturer. They are known for building the strongest robots, especially 6-axis models. They have the most expansive line of robots with over 100 models to choose from. With so many models available, you may be wondering which ones are the top choices of manufacturers when it comes to automating with industrial robots. The following is a look at FANUC’s most popular robot models.


The R-1000 and R-2000 series robots have been some of FANUC’s most successful. The R-2000ib/210F and the R-2000ia/165F are two of the most widely deployed models of the series. FANUC R-series robots are high-speed, long reaching, flexible workhorses. They are capable of performing part transfer, material removal, material handling, dispensing, and palletizing applications for medium to heavy workloads. These robots can also be integrated with FANUC’s FoundryPro option for IP67 rated protection from harsh work environments, making these robots ideal for operating anywhere from foundries to automotive production lines.

M-710iC Series

The FANUC M-710iC series’ top models include the M-710ic/50 and the M-710ic/20L. What makes the M-710iC series robots unique is that they have a large work envelope despite their small footprint. This makes them ideal for compact applications with medium part loads including machine loading, pick and place, packaging, palletizing, assembly, and arc welding. These robots expand on their work envelope with the flexibility to reach behind and overhead. The M-710iC robots are also ideal for harsh work environments since they come standard with a high IP rating of IP67.

LR Mate Series

The LR Mate series features FANUC’s lighter payload robots. These robots are designed to replicate the human arm for compact and agile operation. The LR Mate robots are so speedy they can complete up to 85 cycles per minute. The compact design of the LR Mate models allows for several to operate next to one another for hyper-productivity. The LR Mate 200id can be commonly found along assembly lines. These robots can handle light payloads up to 7 kg. In addition, they can operate across numerous industries with options for food and cleanroom grade models.

ArcMate Series

The robots comprising FANUC’s ArcMate series are specially designed for arc welding applications such as MIG, TIG, and plasma welding. They can also be deployed for laser welding and plasma cutting applications. FANUC’s ArcMate robots are some of the most well-known with the Arc Mate 100ic and the Arc Mate 120ic being two of the biggest standouts. These robots are particularly favored by the automotive industry, being used for welding axles and seats. This is most likely due to their narrow and hollow wrist, making them ideal for precision welding in tight spaces.

M-10i Series

The M-10i series stands out as a compact solution for small part handling jobs. Robots in the M-10i series can handle payloads up to 12 kg and are considered the fastest of their class. They feature high axis speeds that allow for agile wrist movements. They can also accommodate tight workspaces with their slim wrist. Popular models from this line include the M-10ia and the M-10ia/12.

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