Fanuc R-2000id Robots

FANUC has long been recognized as the top robotic manufacturer in the world with hundreds of innovative industrial robots. If there were one robot series that could largely be attributed to FANUC’s industry leading status, it would be their R-2000i series. The R-2000i series is FANUC’s most successful with the largest installation base across numerous industries. The six-axis robots comprising the robot line are known as versatile workhorses. The R-2000i robots can automate a wide range of manufacturing processes, making them the top choice for robotic automation.

The R-2000iA series was the first generation of R-2000i robots introduced by FANUC. The FANUC R-2000ia/165F and R-2000ia/125L are two of the most popular from the original R-2000 line. The R-2000iA robots are so well built many are still operating along production floors today and can be found on the second-hand market. FANUC later went on to build upon the success of their R-2000iA robots with the R-2000iB series. The R-2000iB series was the second generation of the R-2000i robots. FANUC improved the R-2000i series a third time when they launched their R-2000iC robots. The R-2000iC series featured the R-2000ic/165F which was the successor to the R2000ib/165F.

FANUC has once again improved upon the features of their R-2000i robots with their latest series, the R-2000iD. The R-2000iD robot line is the fourth installment and features the R2000id/100FH, R2000id/210FH, and R2000id/165FH. These articulated robots are configured with six axes just like their other R-2000i predecessors. This latest generation of robots is ideal for working with large or heavy parts with a payload capacity ranging from 100 kg to 210 kg. The R-2000iD robots also feature a long reach of 2,605 mm for an expanded work envelope.

One of the biggest improvements made with the R-2000iD series was the reduced footprint. The robot footprint was reduced by 23% for the R-2000iD robots. These robots are better suited for installation in confined workspaces than their predecessors. Manufacturers no longer have to sacrifice reach or payload when space is limited. Since the R-2000iD robots feature a more compact footprint, less floorspace is used which better accommodates multi-robot operations. In addition to the reduced footprint, the wrist radius was reduced by 13% and the robot mass was reduced by 10%.

The R-2000iD robots also feature a hollow arm and wrist allowing for process cables to be completely embedded inside the arm. Internalizing cabling optimizes robot operation by preventing cable interference which can reduce reliability. In addition, cable life is extended, preventing wear and tear from occurring. Even though the cables are internalized, strategic openings along the robot manipulator arm allow for easy access for maintenance or cable replacement. The hollow arm of the R-2000iD robots reduces maintenance and costs.

The hollow arm design of the R-2000iD robots makes them ideal for automating applications that require process cables. Robotic spot welding and automated material handling applications are all optimized with R-2000iD robots. Faster cycle times, increased productivity, and higher product quality are some of the benefits of automating with these robots creating in an overall efficient manufacturing process.

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