Fanuc R-1000ia Robots

The FANUC R-1000iA series is the medium payload counterpart to FANUC’s R-2000i robots. The R-1000iA robots feature similar multipurpose application capabilities as the models from the R-2000i series but for applications requiring less heavy lifting. The R-1000iA line features five articulated robot models with five, six, and seven axis options. All five robots have a long reach of 2,230 mm, allowing them to operate in larger work envelopes or with bigger workpieces. Their payload capacities start at 80 kg and go up to 130 kg. With a repeatability of 0.03 mm, the R-1000iA robots are some of the most precise in manufacturing.

Like the R-2000i robots, the R-1000iA’s feature a compact footprint and a slim arm. These FANUC robots allow for robotic automation while conserving floorspace. Due to their slimmer profile, they are ideal for those with limited space. Their compact footprint also allows for easier multi-robot configurations. Multiple FANUC R-1000ia/80F can be integrated along a production line or within a robotic workcell without interfering with one another. Since each robot does not require much space, multi-robot setups can be achieved even when space is tight. Floor, overhead, and angle mounting options are possible with all robots in the R-1000iA series. Multiple mounting capabilities provide greater flexibility for integrating these robots along production lines or within robotic workcells. Mounting overhead or at an angle saves floorspace for those who do not have much of it to spare.

The R-1000iA robots can automate a variety of manufacturing applications. Material handling, spot welding, assembly, part transfer, material removal, and dispensing are some of the applications they can automate. The five-axis R-1000ia/80H is ideal for automating palletizing processes with payloads up to 80 kg. For those automating heavy lifting palletizing, the FANUC M=410ib/700 would be a good option from the M series. The R-1000ia/120F-7B features an additional seventh axis that allows it to be positioned closer to workpieces making it perfect for automated spot welding. Its J2 arm can fold into itself, shortening it for operation in confined spaces or for better workpiece access. This robot is particularly popular amongst automotive manufacturers.

In fact, all of the R-1000iA robots are ideal for automotive manufacturing and other heavily industrial settings. These robots feature and IP67 protected wrist and wrist motors in the back of the J3 axis. This allows them to be able to tolerate the humid, warm, dirty, and wet conditions that are often involved with industrial manufacturing settings as sensitive parts are fully protected. These robots are incredibly durable, living up to the strong reputation of FANUC’s R series.

Not only are these robots incredibly durable they are also extremely fast. The FANUC R-1000iA robots have been designed for high-speed automation of any application they perform. Their repeatability allows them to run at fast speeds without compromising precision or accuracy. Automating with a R-1000iA robot will significantly reduce cycle times with high-speed operation and accuracy that eliminates the need for rework. Their fast operation can grow productivity rates while cutting cycle times and rework can reduce production costs creating the potential for profit growth.

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