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Fanuc R-2000i Robots

FANUC is known for building strong six-axis industrial robots. They earned this reputation through the development of their R-2000i robots. The R-2000i series has been the most successful product line for FANUC. These articulated robots revolutionized the definition of a multipurpose robot with the ability to automate all types of material handling applications. On top of being incredibly versatile, the FANUC R-2000i robots are capable of handling medium to heavy payloads. There have been four generations of R-2000i robots released by FANUC, with each new generation building upon the success of the previous one.

The original R-2000i robots started with the R-2000iA series with the R-2000ia/165F as the base model. The FANUC R-2000iA robots changed the definition of a large industrial robot as they featured high payloads and long reaches without being overly bulky. These industrial robots were designed with a slim arm and wrist that could handle heavier workloads while also allowing for operation in tight workspaces. Manufacturers were immediately drawn to the R-2000iA robots as they allowed for heavy payload automation while conserving precious floorspace. Aside from the 165f, other notable models in the series include the rack mounted R-2000ia/165R and the extended reach R2000ia/125L.

The FANUC R-2000iB series is the second generation of R-2000i robots. FANUC improved upon the R-2000iA robots with the release of the R-2000iB series. This series features the FANUC R2000ib/165F which is the successor to the FANUC R-2000iA/165F. The R-2000iB series features several additional variants than the R-2000iA line with additional extended reach models including the R2000ib/185L and the wash environment R-2000ib/210WE designed to operate in harsh conditions. FANUC kept the slimmer profile and arm design with this series while expanding the payload capacities and reaches of the R-2000i robots.

FANUC again added to the R-2000i robot family with the launch of their R-2000iC series. In this series FANUC once again updated the base model with the R-2000ic/165F. The FANUC R-2000iC robots can be integrated with almost any gripper or welding torch, making them extremely flexible and ideal for automating multiple applications.

FANUC recently added another installment of R-2000i robots with the launch of the R-2000iD series just last year. The FANUC R-2000iD series currently features three models, the R-2000id/100FH, R-2000id/165FH, and R-2000id/210FH. This generation of R-2000i robots got a major update to their footprint and arm design. The footprint of the R-2000iD robots was reduced by 23%, allowing them to automate heavy lifting applications while taking up even less space than their predecessors. Their arm features a completely hollow design for fully internalized process cables, preventing cable wear and interference.

The R-2000i robots have been successful for FANUC since they provide a number of benefits regardless of which robot generation you choose. The FANUC robots are incredibly reliable with fewer mechanical components reducing the amount of maintenance required, allowing for greater uptimes. They provide a high payload capacity for their compact size with an expanded work envelope as they can reach fully behind or overhead. Automating with an R-2000i robot will improve cycle times, increase product quality, raise productivity rates, and completely optimize manufacturing.

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