What are Some of the Latest Robots From FANUC?

FANUC R2000ib 125L R30ia FANUC LR Mate 200id FANUC M710ic 50 Used Arcmate Robots FANUC Arcmate 120ic
FANUC is one of the top robotic manufacturers in the world. Over the years they have produced popular robot models including the Arcmate 120ic, R-2000ib, and LR Mate 200ic. Just because FANUC has seen incredible success with their past industrial robots, does not mean they stop improving. Many of FANUC’s latest robot launches have built upon the success of some of their previous industrial robots with new innovations, features, and capabilities.


FANUC entered the collaborative robot market with the launch of the CR-35iA in 2015. The CR-35iA features the heaviest payload capacity of any cobot at 35 kg. A few years later they expanded from one collaborative robot to several, creating the CR series. The series now includes the CR-4ia, CR-7ia, CR-15ia, and CR-7ia. The additional FANUC cobots are designed for lightweight payload automation. The FANUC cobots feature a similar design to their traditional industrial robots, only with a bright green exterior, rounder edges, and the elimination of pinch points.

FANUC M-20iD Robots

Last year FANUC expanded its M-20iD handling series with the addition of two new models, the M-20iD/35 and the M-20iD/12L. The M-20iD/35 is the handling counterpart to FANUC’s Arc Mate 120iD/35 welding robot. It features a payload of 35 kg and a reach of 1,831 mm. It is ideal for automating medium payload material handling, part transfer, and machine loading applications. It features an improved drive train for the handling of heavier payloads at high inertias. It can also withstand harsh conditions with a fully IP67 protected arm and wrist.

The M-20iD/12L features a 12 kg payload capacity with an extended reach of 2,272 mm. Its arm and wrist are hollow for internalized cable routing which minimizes maintenance and reduces cable interference for a more reliable operation.

FANUC Arc Mate 120iD Robots

FANUC has also launched new robots in the popular arc welding Arc Mate series. The Arc Mate 120iD and Arc Mate 120iD/35 are the latest FANUC arc welding robots. Both models feature an expanded wrist diameter of 57 mm for easier cable routing. They also feature a slimmer arm design and a reduced interference radius by 20%, decreasing the risk of interference with peripheral equipment for more accurate welding automation.

FANUC R-2000iD Robots

Some of FANUC’s most popular robot models are from their R-2000i series. Last year FANUC launched the fourth generation of R-2000i robots with the R-2000iD series. The series features three new articulated robots, the R-2000iD/100FH, the R-2000iD/165FH, and the R-2000iD/210FH. The R-2000iD/165FH is the successor to the R-2000ic/165F, while the R-2000iD/210FH is the new version of the R-2000ic/210F. All three R-2000iD robots feature improvements to the robotic footprint and arm design. This robot series can automate material handling and spot welding applications.

FANUC LR Mate 200iD/14L Robot

Last year FANUC also added to their successful compact multipurpose LR Mate series with the LR Mate 200iD/14L. This six axis robot features double the payload capacity as its predecessors being able to handle up to 14 kg. The improved load capacity is achieved while still maintaining the same slim and compact design the LR Mate robots are known for.

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