FANUC CR-7iA/L Overview

The FANUC CR-7iA/L is the long arm version of the CR-7iA. It has a payload of 7 kg and features a longer reach of 911 mm, making it a perfect solution for lightweight applications with wider work envelopes. It is designed to handle a number of applications including assembly, dispensing, material handling, palletizing, machine tending, and pick and place. Not only does the CR 7ia/L offer variety with the number of applications it can perform, but also with its various mounting options which include floor, ceiling, and wall. This FANUC robot is controlled by the R-30ib+ controller. Its ability to be mounted several ways along with its longer robot arm allows it to access harder to reach workpieces, while also not taking up valuable floorspace.

The CR7iA/L features a green exterior to distinguish its ability to collaborate with humans, but despite looking different than FANUC’s traditional robots it still provides the same reliability and durability as them. This cobot has the same reach and payload as the FANUC LR Mate 200id/7L. The CR-7ia/l doesn’t even need safety fencing in order to work alongside its human counterparts due to FANUC’s proven safe contact stop sensor technology. This safety technology will completely bring the CR7ia/l to a stop if it comes into contact with a person or fixed object. It can also be pushed away with minimal force should it every get too close and will remain in the newly designated space. The CR 7iA/L is certified to meet the safety requirements of ISO-10218-1 for collaborative robots.


Axes 6
Payload: 7 KG (15.43 lbs)
Reach: 911 MM (35.87 in)
Repeatability: ±0.01mm (.00039 in)
Robot Mass: 55 KG (121.25 lbs)
Structure: Articulated
Robot Motion Speed
J1 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J2 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J3 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J4 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J5 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
J6 1000 °/s (17.45 rad/s)
Robot Motion Range
J1 - 340°
J2 - 166°
J3 - 383°
J4 - 380°
J5 - 240°
J6 - 720°

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