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Popular Yaskawa Robot Models

Yaskawa Motoman is one of the leading robotic manufacturers in the world with over 450,000 installations to date. They provide robotic automation solutions for numerous manufacturing applications with their expansive line of robots. Yaskawa Motoman robots are used in the electronics, automotive, and food industries, among many others. Below is a look at some of their most popular robots by series.

UP Series

You have most likely heard of the Motoman UP6 or the UP20. These are two of the top models from Yaskawa’s versatile UP robot line. With a wide range from 6 kg to 500 kg in payload capacity, the UP series robots can cover light to heavy material handling applications. In addition to material handling, these robots can also be deployed for arc welding, spot welding, dispensing, and material removal. Many of these used industrial robots can be found on the second-hand market for a more cost-effective approach to automation.

MA Series

Yaskawa Motoman is best known for their arc welding robots. One of their top lines is their MA or “Master Arc” series. These 6-axis arc welding robots truly are masters of their craft with fast speeds, efficient performance, and quality. Cycle times are dramatically reduced by incorporating a Motoman MA1400 to your production line. Their streamlined design makes welding in tight and narrow spaces possible and easy. The MA series robots are some of the most advanced in their class.

ES Series

The Yaskawa ES series robots are designed for spot welding and material handling processes. These robots have a payload capacity that ranges from 100 kg to 280 kg for medium to heavy lifting applications. The Motoman ES165D is one of the most popular of the series with its fast-operating speeds and precision. Cycle times are reduced while part quality increases, which is why the ES series robots have been so successful for Yaskawa.

MH Series

The Motoman MH50 and the MH6 are two of the standouts from one of Yaskawa’s most extensive robot lines, the MH series. These robots range from compact to heavy duty, meeting a wide range of manufacturing requirements for a variety of industry types. Most robots in this series use either the Motoman DX100 or DX200 controller. Payload capacity for this series can range from 3 kg up to 700 kg. These robots can automate assembly, machine tending, and packaging applications among many others.

EA Series

The EA series is another older arc welding robot line from Yaskawa. These robots are mainly sold on the used robot market today but are still just as popular. This line became well-known with the Motoman EA1400N and the EA1900N. These robots offer high-speed operation for light payloads, reducing cycle times. Robots in this series use either the Motoman NX100 or XRC controller. Productivity can be further enhanced by integrating these robots with a Motoman ArcWorld weld cell.

HP Series

Popular robots from Yaskawa’s HP series include the Motoman HP20 and the HP165. These robots can automate material handling, dispensing, and cutting applications with their high accuracy. They can be installed multiple ways along production lines with options for wall, ceiling, and floor mounting. HP series robots provide a fast, flexible, and accurate automation solution for a variety of industries.

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