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Motoman is considered the world leader when it comes to arc welding robots. Motoman also offers a wide range of pre-engineered welding work cells, called ArcWorld, to house these arc welding robots. These pre-assembled work cells can be configured with one to multiple robots, such as the Motoman EA1400N, for increased productivity. Most of these cells will include a welding power sources such as a Miller Auto-Axcess 450 or Fronius CMT. With seven different series to choose models from, there is an option suited for any arc welding requirements.

  • • ArcWorld 50 Series - The ArcWorld 50 series features a compact design that is best suited for small to medium sized workpieces. This robotic welding system is available in single or dual station configuration. The work cell is mounted on a common base making installation easy and allowing for relocation if needed.

  • • ArcWorld 1000 Series - The ArcWorld 1000 series is designed for high volume welding applications that work with small to medium parts. This work cell can be configured for one to two arc welding robots. The Motoman MA1400 makes an optimal choice for this welding work cell. The robot, positioner, and safety fencing are all mounted to a common cell platform, allowing for easy and quick installation.

  • • ArcWorld 200/500 Series - This series of two station welding work cells is also designed to handle the welding of small to medium sized parts in high volume productions. In fact, it can handle parts up to 1 meter in size and payloads up to 550 kg. The ArcWorld 200/500 series features a complete safety environment with walls, curtains, and electric doors for worker protection during operation. With this work cell you do not have to worry about needing extra floorspace because of the two-station design. It can occupy the same amount of space as a single station work cell.

  • • ArcWorld 2000 Series - The ArcWorld 2000 series is designed for large part welding with being able to handle parts up to 5 meters in size. It also allows for operation with extremely heavy payloads with a capacity of up to 6,3000 kg. It can be configured for one to two arc welding robots and allows for easy reconfiguration should requirements change. The Motoman MA2010 pairs nicely with this welding work cell.

  • • ArcWorld 6000 Series - The ArcWorld 6000 series features arc welding work cells that are designed for high volume productions with medium to large sized parts. The work cells within this series allow for the configuration of up to three Motoman robots for extremely high productivity rates. What makes this series unique from other work cells is the ability to load and unload parts from outside the robots work envelope. In addition, metal arc screens shield operators from the arc flash for complete protection while in operation.

  • • ArcWorld IV 6000 Series - The work cell models comprising the ArcWorld IV 6000 series feature a triple robot design, making for fast work of arc welding applications. These models are available in a slim design for those looking to save on floorspace. There is also a heavy-duty model with the capacity of payloads up to 1,555 kg.

  • • ArcWorld V 6000 Series - The ArcWorld V 6000 series is designed to house two to three Motoman arc welding robots. What is unique about this work cell series is that the robots are mounted overhead which allows for space savings of up to 44%. The ArcWorld V 6000 is designed for high volume welding applications.

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