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Industrial Robotic Welding Overview

Robotic or robot welding is to process of using industrial robots to semi-automate or completely automate the welding process. In a situation where robots are used to semi-automate a welding process, a robot performs the weld using an integrated power supply, such as a Miller Axcess 450 or Lincoln Powerwave 455M welding source, on a stationary table or servo driven positioner or table. Once the weld is complete, a technician will remove the welded part or item from the fixture located on the table and replace it with another part. This process is considered only semi-automated as it still involves some human interface. In a completely automate case, an industrial robot such as a FANUC Arcmate 120ib RJ3IB or a Yaskawa Motoman EA1900N NX100 will perform the weld on the above mentioned table or positioner and then a material handling robot such as a FANUC M20ia R30ia or Yaskawa Motoman UP6 XRC will remove the part from the fixture and replace it with a new part once the weld is complete. In this scenario, many parts can be completed without any human interface making it completely automated. Several super speed models such as the Motoman SSA2000 with Motoman NX100 controller also exist in order to provide the optimal solution for a welding application. Purchasing a welding package is a quick and easy way to begin to automate your application

In either scenario, additional advantages of robotic welding include:
  • Increased safety to workers – Performing a weld is not the safest job in the world. It is a process that can be completed by an industrial robot in a safer, more precise, and more efficient manner. Increasing the amount of robots performing the welds can increase human safety while decrease insurance liability and worker’s compensation premiums.
  • Increased accuracy – Welding robots such as the FANUC Arcmate 100ic with a FANUC R-30ia controller are more precise than humans. They perform the same weld within millimeters each time.
  • Increased consistency – When an industrial robot is programed to perform a weld, it remembers the programming and follows the exact pattern on every weld.
  • Decreased human error – Humans are human and generally even the most skilled welders make mistakes from time to time. Welding robots such as the FANUC Arcmate 120ic with FANUC R30ia controller can perform thousands of welds without error. This increases productivity and decrease waste.
  • Return on investment - Once used robotic welders are purchased, they will produce the same result for years. Purchasing a Used FANUC welding robot such as an used FANUC Arcmate 120ib with a Lincoln Powerwave 455M welder can realize a signicant return on investment versus manual welding.

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